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Submitted by iamironman 1412d ago | news

Darksiders 2 dev: It's time for a new console generation

IncGamers: Now a "significant delta" between PCs and consoles, says Darksiders 2 game director. (Darksiders 2, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Wintersun616  +   1412d ago
I agree. Being satisfied with the games we have now should not stand in the way of progress. Technology keeps going forward and consoles shouldn't lag too much behind just because some of us are happy with what we have today.

Current generation consoles have been out long enough and now that Wii U is releasing this year, it would be bad for business for Sony and MS to wait too long. Especially now when the Wii U is getting some more multiplatform releases (Darksiders 2, AC3 and more that I can't remember right now). The situation was very different this gen because only a small amount of multiplatform games we're released on Wii, and when it got some of them they were mostly inferior to their Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts.
Perjoss  +   1412d ago
+bubble, well said
Blaze929  +   1412d ago
I'm not really sure 'why' we need a new generation. Me personally, I'm good for quite another few years to be honest.

I'm not expecting a huge leap next gen like PS2 to PS3 differences were. Even Xbox to Xbox 360. But for some reason I DON'T see a lot of changes that could be made for something to release this or next year - nothing significant that would make me want to buy it that year I know that. Maybe that's why. Not yet at least.

I mean everyone keeps saying time for new gen but I'm like, they can't even get this gen right. Studios are closing, games aren't selling how they used to. Piracy is only going up. Price of games, held steady since 2005. I'm not about to start paying more than $70 for standard games anytime soon. People want a new gen but who can afford it?

AND if it's affordable, then there's always that perception that it's not that great of technology and depreciate the WiiU
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dark-hollow  +   1412d ago
That what you think my friend.

Next Gen even if tt used radeon 6850 it will blows this Gen out of the water.

It just like every Gen you can't imagine the graphics getting better but we're always proven wrong in the end of the day.
Stinky_Fish  +   1412d ago
And have costs double? And have gaming crash again? I hope they reap what they sow
limewax  +   1412d ago
Gaming will only crash if people stop buying, Costs are irrelevant unless the consumer base shrinks. To developers it will be a lot more detrimental, But if the Dev Kits are well designed then it can help to reduce that problem. I should imagine the big names in the industry are often discussing the issue and solution.

Until the new consoles are released nobody is going to know how much of that market is still available, since most who want consoles already have them. However the average Steam user base has been growing very rapidly in the last year and often gaming PC's sell more towards the end of the gen.

So generally it is actually looking as if we are close to time for the new consoles. It's been held off mostly due to the increase in costs. And they have had plenty of time to think of ways to help lessen the blow developers will feel. It's time for the shift to begin.

Would you rather they continue with the same gen for another few years, and wait for everyone to get bored of gaming, sacrificing the entire market and the causing another gaming crash? See both ways can cause it, but if we never move forward then it is inevitably just a matter of time
morganfell  +   1412d ago
First it's time to stop using the same old tired formulas. I like Darksiders and am looking forward to the second iteration but before developers start screaming for new hardware they need to try to pry themselves out of 2005 and start inventing surprising mechanics and gameplay methods as well as community interaction. With Dust 514/Eve online CCP has shown us something completely new and packed full of innovation.

The last thing I want is good looking tired old same same gameplay. Sorry Vigil, but until you show us you can push your current ride in new directions, directions that aren't necessarily about horsepower, the Ferrari is staying locked up in the garage.
limewax  +   1412d ago
I agree however I think this gen is partly to blame too. I don't doubt next gen will bring refreshing new ideas. But I feel this gen is stretched as far as it can go. Maybe with more raw power the devs will be able to take the AI a lot further, since AI is normally the worst thing in a game
dark-hollow  +   1412d ago
Portal is not fresh?
Mirror edge? Heavy rain? Red dead?
josephayal  +   1412d ago
WiiU coming this year
TheTwelve  +   1412d ago
Whether people want it or not, the next-gen will truly begin Winter 2013. Save up your money. I, for one, am ready to see what lessons Sony has learned this gen and what will happen when their console comes out at the same time as the new one from Microsoft.

slavish  +   1412d ago
save up your money? unless ps4 or next xbox are a couple thousand most shouldn't have to save. $500 is not alot of money if it is you should invest your time in improving your life instead of playing video games. imo
SlowBurn  +   1412d ago
New consoles,tired,old gameplay.New look

New consoles,new ideas,pushing boundaries other than visual ones.
Its not like we need the next gen to find the next idea,start striving for it now.
Shooter A in 3D at 2080p is still shooter fkn thanks
Ck1x  +   1412d ago
I'm pretty sure this article won't get as many hits from the fanboys as the ones bashing nintendo, even though its a legit developer trashing the sub-par HD visuals from both the PS3 & 360 and not some anonymous source
GamingTruth  +   1412d ago
sub par hd visuals from the ps1 and n64 yes
lover2012  +   1412d ago
both darksiders games look really bad
like a game from the begging of this gen
and you want any one take them seriously ???
what multiplat console game that look even close to uncharted 2 ... let alone 3 ??
Ck1x  +   1412d ago
The guy clearly stated that as the complexity went up in games the resolution that these games are rendered in went down to improve the experience of the overall performance of games! This isn't to far fetched to believe seeing as how not many of the newer games sport resolutions anywhere close to 1080p while pushing very complex scenes

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