GamerPops Review: Kinect Star Wars

Greg writes:

Dear long-time Star Wars fan,

You know who you are. You know that Greedo shot first. You know that midichlorians were just stupid. You know that Jar Jar Binks was the worst thing to happen to the Star Wars Universe, until all the other horrible things that George Lucas did to the Star Wars universe. Even the Ewoks annoy you, with their whole silly teddy bear look.

But if you thought all that was bad, Kinect Star Wars is going to do to you what Obi-wan did to Anakin on Mustafar.

Except for one thing: Kinect Star Wars is not for you. It's not for me, either. It's for kids who are growing up with the stunningly good Clone Wars TV show or have watched the prequel trilogy with their parents. It's for that new generation of kids dreaming of wielding a lightsaber. And I think it's very possible they are going to love the bantha poodoo out of it.

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neutralgamer192448d ago

wtf is gamerpops lol it figures!!! Most established known websites are thrashing this monstrosity of a game lol

YodaCracker2448d ago

Nice, I'll give it a rent from GameFly.

Biggest2448d ago

Some of the review highlights:

"The controls are about par for a Kinect game, with the driving levels working the best, and the lightsaber controls the least effective. That makes the main story mode and the lesser Duel of the Fates less effective than they could be, but the missed moves are generally compensated for by simply flailing alot...

Don’t expect the pure one-to-one light saber action you might hope for, as instead the action involves more flailing that precision. This is essentially an on-rails adventure, so you will automatically walk through close range encounters, or lunge forward to move yourself to the next engagement...

The dancing and the routines are not in the same class as Just Dance 3 or Dance Central, but neither of those titles featured dancing Stormtroopers and weird Star Wars variations of recent pop songs."

The review says the game is bad, but fans of Star Wars (who he said the game is not for) will be okay because it's awesome to see your Star Wars favs doing silly things. The dance mode is not as good as every other dance game, but it has Star Wars. The pod racing is boring and generic (his words), but it has Star Wars. The story mode is lame, but it's Star Wars. 4/5!!! Awesome game!!!

DigitalRaptor2448d ago

If these are the kind of games that the kids of today are playing and enjoying before the classics of yesteryear, I don't have much hope for the future of the industry. Think back to the good old days and can you see how worse off kids are for games? Saddening!