Starlight Inception Announced For Vita, Looking For Your Help

No it is not this kind of inception.

Escape Hatch Entertainment has announced that they are developing Starlight Inception for PC and PlayStation Vita.

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Canary2298d ago

Huh. Vaguely reminds me of those awesome old space sims like Freespace. Definitely gonna keep an eye out for this.

Sadly, the premise does not seem to be very well thought out. World War Four... in space? Yeah.

Hicken2298d ago

What's wrong with WWIV? Isn't it somewhat natural, given that it'd be the next place humanity moves, that we start fighting over it, as well? Resource satellites and the like being up for grabs, people laying claim to the choicest plots of land on Mars or other planets? Sounds reasonable to me.

Canary2297d ago

It's not reasonable because "world war" is singular, implying a war on a single world.

Something like "Space War I" would be more appropriate. And if the language for the premise isn't quite up to snuff, what can we expect from the rest of the game?

andibandit2298d ago

If that music dosn't get your adrenalin racing, nothing will.


r212298d ago

uhm, whats this game about?

EscapeHatchEnt2297d ago

Hi - this is Melissa, VP of Escape Hatch Entertainment, the company developing Starlight Inception. Thank you for the comments and for discussing the game. We are happy to answer any questions.