PlayStation Vita, here is the list of desired features |

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Sony Computer Entertainment has put a lot of attention in the design of PlayStation Vita, the next-generation handheld console, creating a very beautiful and attractive.

Although it is a technologically advanced and powerful, after a month from his abundant output, we have compiled a series of features that we believe may be among those most desired by the community of players and owners of PS Vita.

In remind you that you can express your opinions by commenting in the box at the bottom of the page, we list below the list of missing features and will hopefully get the next firmware update.

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sinncross2448d ago

I agree with all five of those ideas. They would really make the PSV better then it already is.

i would like to add that PS1 support would be nice and also the ability for the OS to be usable in vertical mode. I know that sounds weird but something like net surfing could be much better if you could use the PSV in vertical stance to scroll through a website, and then back to horizontal for for more specific usage of the site, for example.

I currently do this on my smartphone and it feels natural.

tarbis2448d ago

I agree with the first 5 but no. 6 is in the works.