Xenoblade Chronicles: Winning Friends, Shooting Hoops and Ducking Robots

JRPG storytelling can be like listening to Der Ring des Nibelungen through a distorted guitar amp, but XC‘s conventionally unconventional story already has my attention with its tantalizing mysteries and “maybe I really haven’t seen this yet” narrative artifacts. The prologue involves two mythic titan-figures who emerge from another “this is how the world began” void and dance the “biological life” versus “artificial machine” cha-cha, trading blows until they freeze in place like two of Frank L. Baum’s Tin Man. The twist: Their bodies comprise XC‘s oddly-angled, multi-tiered world, as if someone fired a shrink-ray at Final Fantasy, then dropped it, flea-like, into one of Shadow of the Colossus‘ boss battles.

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Indigo1232444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

REALLY GREAT ARTICLE, just proving how great japanese role playing games are that are NOT named final fantasy and how western writers falsely typecast everything falsely