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MMORPG Center: TERA - MMO Preview

"In case you haven’t been paying attention for the past year or so you might be unaware that 2012 is a great year for MMOs with several games battling out for the title of the next big thing. BlueHole Studio is one of the strongest contenders this year with TERA. " (PC, Tag Invalid, TERA, Tera Online)

Spenok  +   1412d ago
Ive been trying to download the beta for this weekend for the past several days.... however my internet connection kind of blows here. So its taking rather long lol.
KillaManiac  +   1412d ago
Make sure to disable p2p in the download options of the launcher.

It will make it much faster!
Spenok  +   1412d ago
Thanks for the heads up. Ill do that. Though ill wager it has quite a bit to do with my internet. Long story short but im on a military base in dorms (im in tech school atm) and EVERYONE and their dog uses the only internet available here, which is Clearwire (never heard of them myself before i came here lol) And the max download spead i have witnessed myself so far has been 300kbps.

Though my average is somewhere around 100kbps during the day since everyone is on. So i usually leave it running at night if im trying to download anything. I PRAY at my first station there is decent internet out there haha.
Spenok  +   1411d ago
So i just did what you suggested and saw an instant increase in download speed. Thanks for the tip again man. Hopefully it will be done before the weekend lmao.

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