Wii U could be the first console to run a MMORPG without compromise - Funcom

ONM writes: Wii U could be the new home for massively multiplayer role-playing games. That's the word from Funcom developer Joel Bylos who told Official Nintendo Magazine that he's excited about the possibilities of the touchscreen controller.

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PopRocks3592360d ago

Hm. Suddenly that Pokemon MMO rumor that sprung up eons ago holds a tad bit more water...

dark-hollow2359d ago

Confirm Pokemon mmo and I'll get the wii u day 1!

ozzywazzy2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

the way you so vigorously defend the wii and blow nothing but kisses at nintendo's ass, you would have gotten the wii u day 1 regardless.

PopRocks3592359d ago


Somebody's insecure. So somebody likes the Wii. So what? I'm not going to get on your case for liking something else.

Even then, dark-hollow only said he wanted a Pokemon MMO. Why is that such a problem to you?

Christopher2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Yup. First one without compromise.

*looks at his USB keyboard that can connect to his PS3*

Sorry, but the market just isn't there for a traditional MMO on consoles. Console gamers who play MMOs tend to already to MMOs on PCs and other console gamers just aren't interested in subscription-based or F2P MMOs.

This isn't a knock on Wii U, but it's an ignorant statement to be made by someone in the industry. Though, I will say that a tablet isn't a good input device for MMOs considering you're talking about taking your attention away from what's on the TV screen. Moreso because you're not using physical memory to memorize keys or buttons for firing off actions, which is what one learns to do with a keyboard or controller. There's nothing tactile to enforce such a memory w/o visual reference on a touch screen.

mugoldeneagle032359d ago

Nintendo's probably been holding off on that more as a cash in as opposed to not having good enough hardware.

I'm sure the Wii could have done it some way or another. But if there's still no (good) console version, the DS games still sell boat loads. Which is probably more profitable for them.

One day they'll hopefully grow a pair and release a AAA Pokemon MMO we all wanted, DLC to support different regions, and some sort of DS/Wii U cross platform capabilities, whether it be trading battling, importing, etc.

Sadly I don't think we'll see this for awhile least until a few Pokemon 3DS games release

slavish2360d ago

it would be cool to not have a menu on screen!

Christopher2359d ago

I think it would seem good to many. But, in practice, I feel it would not turn out as such. Remember that now instead of keeping your focus on the screen, you're now talking about looking down at another screen to perform actions. That means less time looking at the TV screen where all the action is happening.

slavish2359d ago

i was just referring to how kinect did with mass effect 3. No menu switching weapons/ammo/equipment made game play more fluid. Im sure you could do it right with the wii-u too imo

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izumo_lee2359d ago

Well Dragon Quest 10 is coming to the Wii-U eventually and although they describe it as a single player game it is basically a MMO.

Christopher2359d ago

Yeah. More and more RPGs are getting that feel over time. Even Skyrim is a lot like that. The next hurdle for them is to make more dynamic and engaging content that can be played for longer periods of time after the main storyline is done.

Reaper99372359d ago

And PS3 or Xbox 360 can't...

ronin4life2359d ago

FFXI was on the xbox360 if memory serves, but I think they are speaking of the common hotkey setting of mmos that a large touch screen would be able to duplicate.

Christopher2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

FFXI was on PS2 as well...

DCUO is on PS3 and actually better than the PC versiona, except for the downgraded graphics. But, gameplay-wise, it's a great action RPG MMO.

With more FPS online experiences turning more into long-drawn out and ever-expanding experiences, they are pretty much MMOs for FPSes as they are.

ronin4life2359d ago

I thought it was on ps2, but I wasn't sure. ^_^;

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