RANT: Day One DLC Is Cannibalising Our Industry

Dealspwn: "...So to the moaning publishers and developers out there, crying about used games sales, and defending dubious business practices, I'd suggest that you stop treating your audiences as wallet-bearing sheep to be manipulated. It all ties together. If a consumer sees a game get released on the same day as optional, premium on-disc DLC, you can't really blame them for holding off on the purchase until more news has emerged. How much DLC will there be? Should I wait for a GOTY version, or at least a marketplace price drop?

"The alleged lack of a long tail from sales has come about because this industry has forgotten what DLC is for: to give gamers more of what they want. Supply and demand, it's very simple. In the past, expansion packs had to be well-crafted. They had their own boxes to live up to! Just because the method of delivery has changed, that doesn't mean corners can be cut. Gamers have long memories, we know what our money is worth. Publishers, platform holders, and retailers would do well to remember that.

"If we are more cautious, cynical, and suspicious as a consumer audience, it is warranted. The past few years have made us so. But it doesn't have to be this way."

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Yi-Long2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

... more and more people will refuse to buy an incomplete game only to be nickel-and-dimed 5 seconds after release with extra DLC.

Personally, I have been refusing to buy any of these games until there's a 'complete' edition out that has all the content included, usually for a bargain-price BTW.

They could have gotten 50-60 bucks from me at release IF they wouldn't nickel-and-dime me, but now they usually get 20-25 bucks TOPS, IF I'm even still interested in their game by then.

andron2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Yeah I agree. I'm waiting to get ME3 when there is a complete edition out.

I mean I'll never pay 1/4 of the original game price for a mp map pack with 3-5 maps in it. Or pay for costumes.

Unfortunately publishers and devs doesn't seem to get that they are only hurting themselves. There just isn't any point in getting games at full price or at launch day anymore. You end up having to pay double just to get the DLC or getting launch day blues from bugs and glitches...

SandwichHammock2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

EEhhhhhh, yes and no.

I'm with you 100% in regards to waiting on ultimate editions which are usually half the price of the original retail price. But at the end of the day people like you and I make up a small part of the games consumer base. The problem, and the reason DLC won't go away any time soon, a large portion of the demographic are squatters (I'm sure marketing has a particular term for this). It individuals that "buy" a game and then sit on it for a full year, and pretty much only play that ONE game. Now imagine how many young people without jobs and are gamers that "buy" like this. These are the types of people that this whole DLC scheme targets for a quick buck in my opinion. Its so much easier for one to say "oh mom, its only 9.99 for this map pack, I'll just play this one game, I promise". See what I mean


Yi-Long2450d ago

... but as I mentioned, more and more gamers are catching on, getting informed, and thus getting pissed off about being nickel-and-dimed.

I have friends like those you describe. They're complete idiots as to what's going on in the world of games (probably because they have lifes ;) ), but when I tell them they're being ripped off and I show them how quick games get cheaper now, and often how beneficial it is if they would just be a little more patient, they pay attention and they adjust their habits.

Why would someone who only buys/plays 1 or 2 games a year buy Forza 4 when it comes out, if he doesn't have Forza 3 yet and there's an Ultimate Release out including most DLC for only 10-15 bucks!? Why would anyone buy Assassin's Creed Revelations for full-price if he can pick up AC2 GOTY!? Etc etc.

So I tell them that and once they see how much more gaming they can actually buy for their buck, it actually makes them change their ways.

So slowly, people are catching on, wising up, and thus altering their purchasing from 1st-day full-priced products, to waiting 6-12 months and buying a complete release for half the money.

moegooner882450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

I don't mind optional day 1 DLC, as long as the original game is worth my money, for instance i would rather pay full price for a 30 hr single player game with day 1 DLC, than for a 10 hr SP game without day 1 DLC, having said that, my main concern is the recent use of DLC to conclude games, finish the game to get a " To be continued ", does it get more desperate than this SE !

Krugsy2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

I personally don't mind paid DLC as long as it isn't:

*On the Disk
*Pertinent to the plot of the game
*Unlocks content
*Gives you something you should have for free (ie. raised level cap)

I don't have a problem with Online Passes as long as all the games have a trial period (so that friends and renters can still give online a go). I think studios should be able to make money off their IP's, but I don't think it should at the expense of screwing over the consumer.

DLC should only be optional, and for the fans that desire extra content without sacrificing the main game. Expansions like those in Enslaved and Fallout New Vegas are fine, because they're extras that expand on the world of the game.

I also don't have a problem with Day1 DLC, as some members of the creative team finish up their duties months in advance of a game going gold, and then goto work on DLC. It's better than them being sent away with no pay, or being made redundant. But once again, as long as its not essential to the full enjoyment of the main game. I don't think things are going to return to the good ol' days of gaming with free expansions or no DLC. With these economic times most industries are finding ways to squeeze more money out of the consumer, for right and wrong. I just think it's naive to think it cannot happen with gaming. Going to the movies is becoming more expensive, and theatres further increase that expense by raising the price of confectionery. It's happening with every industry and it sucks, but the reality of it is that it's only going to get worse.

vortis2449d ago

Great article. I'm glad this site spins it from the perspective of the consumer.

Why the heck are so many big sites anti-consumerist these days? Really bugs my nerves.