Sony plans new Video Service for PS3

Senior Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has confirmed that Sony is planning to bring a new Video Service to PS3.

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LOGICWINS2444d ago

Good. Competition with Netflix breeds excellence.

TheTwelve2444d ago

Video Unlimited already truly make me quit netflix, we'll need a streaming video service.


Krugsy2444d ago

Hmm, wonder if it's going to be subscription based like Netflix or PPV like Vudu.

The article speculates that it is Video Unlimited, and if that's the case it's going to be a subscription model, which means its got a hellava lot of work ahead of it. Netflix has a massive library, and if Sony wants to compete its going to have to get so many studios on board so they can get enough content to compete. It's also going to have to expand beyond the PS3 and Bravia televisions as Netflix can be streamed on iphone, ipad etc. At least Sony has access to their own content libraries, which helps.

If they merged the Video and Music libraries into one subscription model, then they might have a shot as it's something Netflix hasn't got.

Olvipoika2444d ago

mayby this time we see this ap in eu too.

fei-hung2444d ago

I hate the current Video service. I have 2 Playstations and it will only let me download my purchases on one of them. It wont even let my tablet or VITA share them, making it expensive and rubbish.

I would prefer a subscription based model over the current one. I have both Netflix and Lovefilm and the problem with both is simple, one has what the other doesn't.

LoveFilm hasn't got HD and it is horrible for streaming (I have a 50mb connection). It has no subtitle options and it is over all quite slow to use.

Netflix on the other hand is better at the above and has HD, but the selection is nowhere near as good as LoveFilm.

If Sony could offer a service that combines the above 2 and fuse it with Music Unlimited, it should have a winner on its hands.

All though I love Sony to bits, I don't think they will get it right and they will offer a possble 3rd alternative. I just hope it's nothing like Crackle :S

Krugsy2444d ago

Hmmm, never used Lovefilm. Is this a EU based service? I've tried the US Netflix and they have about 15,000 films, which seems like alot to me, but has the EU netflix got significantly less? Might be a licencing thing.

But I agree with you, unless Sony can merge Video and Music Unlimited, and create a user friendly GUI, it's not gonna have a chance. I rekon VUDU isn't too shabby, just a tad expensive.

Blader232444d ago

Yes LoveFilm is EU based, they have a lot of movies and series (more than Netflix in the UK) however the quality of the streaming is embarrassing compared to Netflix...its not even near DVD quality...

I think this new video service will subscription based just like Netflix since Sony already have a video store for renting and buying. I don't see why they would make another one like that.
So yes I think it will be subscription based.

If Sony can really pull this off and provide better content than LoveFilm and Netflix then I am definitely subscribing

fei-hung2444d ago

LoveFilm has about 5000+ films/series/documentaries.

Netflix may have slightly more but most of them are B Movies that no one has ever heard of.

Difference is, although Netflix hasnt got the content yet, the streaming, general navigation speed and quality of video is a lot better.

I just hope Sony offeres it all at a competitive price as well and offers bundles like Lovefilm.

E.g they can offer Video only for £5 a month, video and music for £10 a month and video + music + premium releases for £15 a month.

Krugsy2443d ago

Looks like Amazon has just added it's own service to the PS3 today. It's called Amazon Instant Video, and looks pretty good. Video Unlimited has also been launched. Seems ther arena is pretty crowded now.