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This is Xbox: "Kinect Star Wars is a highly recommended game that makes great use of all the features of Kinect for the Xbox 360 and allows anyone to find their inner Jedi Knight. Galactic Dance Off might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but don’t let this put you off from buying the game if even for the action packed Dark Side Rising chapters and the spectacular Podracing simulation.

One of the best Kinect Games ever to grace this planet!

May the Force be with you..."

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EasilyTheBest2450d ago

There defo wont be many comments in here 9/10 for a Kinect game. Cant wait to try this game.

thisisxboxcom2450d ago

I loved it, it's the best kinect campaign I played. Too many people are focussing on the dancing side of it which is just a really small optional mini-game in the menu's.

The main game and campaign is JEDI: Dark Side Rising - utterly brilliant.

Kinect Star Wars will be one of those love or hate games, but it IS the best Kinect game I have played ever.

mcstorm2450d ago

Sounds good. I have said I will wait to play this game before I have my say on it just like I did with Kinect when it was getting a lot of bad press on here before it was out.

Perjoss2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

oh no! someone liked something I'm not interested in.

@ andron666
maybe you should have been more specific as to what your lol was directed at ;)

andron2450d ago

No I actually laughed when I read this "review". It reads more like a press release than a review. There isn't a negative word anywhere, why they didn't just put a perfect 10 on there I don't understand....

thisisxboxcom2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

^ that's because it's a good game? There's not a lot wrong with it. You virtually swing your way through a large campaign, and have added mini-games to play to keep you entertained. The mini-games are so short, they're more like fun things to do co-operatively when you fancy chucking something kinect-y into the xbox.

Other than that, JEDI: Dark Side Rising is brilliant. It's very responsive from at least 6ft away as mentioned, great cut-scenes, great driving moments and use of targeting reticle to shoot down enemies with your own hands!

It's so much fun

andron2450d ago

Well I have to admit, as an old SW fan this is not the game I'm looking for.

But if you love it then have fun...

Nodoze2450d ago

an Xbox site giving this a 9....naaa they are not biased. Everywhere else it is getting 5's.

Say it with me...shovelware.

Shadonic2450d ago

just found 2 other sites giving it like 8 outta 10's also from what i seen forom in box gameplay it all depends on how you play a lot of people stand there like there C3po when there playing but on video the one guy fighting like a jedi has it working perfectly explain that -_-.

thisisxboxcom2450d ago

I think as said, this will be one of those either love or hate games - you're right though, it is down to how you play it - and making sure that Kinect is 6ft away to see your whole body because not only can you swing your sabre, use another hand to control your Force, but it needs to see your legs because you can kick enemies too.

I think the reviewers who are not ensuring their kinect is set up properly as misleading - things they are experiencing will not happen if Kinect is in the right room, right amount of distance away from you.

I played like a Jedi :)

TBM2450d ago

Hmm I think I'll use my money for something other than the piece of trash game. yea im not going to trust a full on 360 site for something like this.

seems the major sites have dropped the actual scores we expected for this game.

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