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If you’re a longtime fan who’s been waiting for a game that’ll let you live out your Star Wars fantasies than the wait is far from over. Kinect Star Wars, with all its control and polish issues, has very limited appeal for an adult audience. Kids will likely find more enjoyment out of it, even the absurd dancing mode, but ultimately its more of a Star Wars-themed set of mediocre mini-games than the jedi epic fans are dying for.

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dedicatedtogamers2446d ago

Ouch. Not much to say except we all saw this coming.

EasilyTheBest2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Please check out the 9/10 and 8/10 and 7/10 scores.
Funny your not in those posts.


antz11042446d ago

^Lol, bitter much?

Ugh, too bad...could have had potential. Should have just had the entire game being ass-kicking jedi.

MariaHelFutura2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

First- It's you're/you are, not your.

Second- You just look stupid when your argument is a few select reviews. Overall the game seems to be getting average scores. If you like it, get it. Personally I've loved some games that generally got bad/average reviews. With that said, Kinect Star Wars doesn't look to be the best game ever made and its not really that surprising.

EasilyTheBest2446d ago

Yeh thanks for correcting my English, sum ppl have so much time on their hands! lol

The game has equally good to bad reviews so your point isnt really valid.

NukaCola2446d ago

Only high score are form Xbox only sites,

this is xbox
planet xbox

the rest arent fooled by the jedi mind trick.

this isnt the kinect game you were looking for

SilentNegotiator2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Please check out the 4/10 and 5/10 and 6/10 scores.
Funny **YOU'RE** not in those posts. (other than this one, from big scary IGN)


Don't make arguments that are so easy to logically reverse.

"The game has equally good to bad reviews so your point isnt really valid"
PlanetXbox360, ThisIsXbox, and Xboxer make up half of the scores above 70.

StanSmith2446d ago


Stop being so butthurt! I've seen you post the same comment in nearly all the average reviews.

If you like it, then fine. Just stop attacking people for not agreeing with you.

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SockeyBoy2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I just want MS to turn their f***ing attention away from Kinect and throw some money towards some new IP's that have NOTHING to do with kinect!

Septic2446d ago

To be honest, this would work much better with a MOVE + KINECT combo. The accuracy of the MOVE controller with the ability to use your hand for force powers etc.

Remember ladies and gentleman, motion controllers today are a stepping stone for the technology of tomorrow. We might hate them now, what with the tech being in its infancy, but soon, it will surpass the traditional controller set up we all know and love.

Septic said it first!

OFF-topic: Watch Breaking Bad guys. Oh my days! It is crazy!

h311rais3r2446d ago

Um everything you said has been said when kinect was first announced.......and that combo is already on pc with kinect/razer hydra combo...

Rainstorm812446d ago

Seeing this made me gouge my eyes out

I know this is a Kinect game but an auto tune Han Solo song and dance, They couldve went in a different direction and made something pleasantly unique for Star Wars fans, This game makes the Force Unleashed games seem Legendary.

TBM2446d ago

I love the star wars franchise, but i would never spend my hard earned cash on this piece of trash.

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r212446d ago

wow, this game is getting high AND low scores. confused whether is crap or amazing @[email protected]

MariaHelFutura2446d ago

Taking fanboyism into account both ways, the game seems average.

Nodoze2446d ago

The high scores involved greased palms and money exchange. There is no other explanation. This is shovelware and EVERYONE with eyes knows it.

VanillaBear2446d ago

I honestly think the good reviews are just people who had a LOT of hope for this game. It did have a lot of hype behind it, remember E3 when it was about "core Kinect games" and this game was the "star core" game of the show.....I don't think people can actually admit that it's shovelware.

giovonni2446d ago

I have this one coming in through game fly. The mistake made for this was making it 100% kinect starwars is to complex a game to use kinect only. It should have been used for smaller features like they did with Mass Effect 3. all your force spells should of been voice activated with the option of using hands. I will see in a few days when my copy from game fly comes in

2446d ago
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