New Batman: Arkham City DLC Coming Soon

New DLC coming to Batman Arkham City? These new PS3 trophies suggest so.

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noxeven2445d ago

hopefully its real and gives us more hints about the next game, also heres hoping its story campaign not challenges

Nimblest-Assassin2445d ago

Seems story related.

Hopefully it is, I was dissapointed they only followed this great game with challenge map DLC. Lots of unanswered questions Arkham City left..

Hopefully they are answered

limewax2445d ago

Story DLC is welcome, but honestly they need to fix the PC version at some point. I have the power in my comp to max everything, But the PhysX and Tessellation together keep adding a 30FPS cap for no reason on my system.

It's a great game, but both those features were touted to be usable and it was never mentioned that they only work 1 at a time.

2445d ago
Agent_00_Revan2445d ago

Now how much is this going to cost me?

erivera19942444d ago

I freaking love this game!!! Arkham city will always be my Game of the year of 2011!! cant wait for what the DLC has in store for us.