Xbox 720 with internet requirement is a risky move

Product-Reviews writes: If true, this is obviously a bold move to combat the huge piracy problem that they have right now with the Xbox 360, so on that basis alone it’s not a totally surprising move by Microsoft, as it’s clear that they need to do something about it. Over here in Asia, we are amazed to see just how easy it is to pick up copied Xbox 360 discs for next to nothing. If Microsoft are going to attempt to put an end to this, having a constant internet connection as a requirement may be the only possible solution to this.

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tr00p3r2449d ago

Sounds like a harsh move, but I totally understand it from Microsoft's point of view. Time for Xbox gamers to start paying for their games like the rest of us.

SockeyBoy2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

...and next weeks rumor is that we have to wear a full body suit to control our avatars. These articles are getting stale fast. It will not happen.

2448d ago
danswayuk2449d ago

I understand it but more control is something I don't like, but I guess we cannot fight change.

Fez2448d ago

Could just not buy any console that incorporates it?

Probably won't happen anyway since they would lose millions in console sales and tens of millions in games sales.

kreate2448d ago

If microsoft can make gamers pay 40-60 dolllar a year just to play games online, i kinda doubt they would lose millions.

Now if sony did it, with the media coverage, im pretty sure they would lose millions.

dazzrazz2448d ago

Sounds like Ubisofts online enabled DRM, hope this rumor is not true otherwise I won't be purchasing Micrososfts hardware.

Intentions2448d ago

Even though Sony is rumoured to be doing this also.

The Meerkat2448d ago

I don't like the idea.
My router sometimes drops connection, what happens if that's midway through a single player game?

When I online multiplayer I always connect to my modem direct so it won't drop out. But when I 'm playing single player I leave the router on the modem so that the family can use the PC online and the Wifi.

It will only be a problem for non pirates like myself, because the pirates will hack it anyway.

AusRogo2448d ago

Not everyone in the world has internet or the most stable connections. I know alot of people who love out of towns here in Australia and they play offline most the time since it costs a shit load of money just to have 3 gb of mobile broadband data. This sort of idea is stupid and they will lose a bit of sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.