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Submitted by Cyrus365 2954d ago | news

Gears of War Movie in HD to be PS3 / Blu-Ray Exclusive

For those of you with stand-alone Blu-ray players or PlayStation 3's, you can now look forward to the following releases:

- Lord of the Rings Trilogy
- Golden Compass
- Gears of War (Movie)
- Austin Powers (Industry)

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Cyrus365  +   2954d ago
The Irony of a game that is 360 exclusive, and the movie version, atleast if you want to watch it in HD, will likely be PS3/ Blu-Ray exclusive.
TANOD  +   2954d ago
This is funny
gamesR4fun  +   2954d ago
ya like theres any other format
no ones going to be putting out hd dvd anymore after the bribes run out...

If they ever do decide to make that halo movie you might want a ps3 to watch it on ;)
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TheIneffableBob  +   2954d ago
Gears of War is on the PC, too.
Capt CHAOS  +   2954d ago
I've always said (check my post history), HD DVD and BluRays are overrated..
DVD is just fine and if anything DVD superbit should be promoted more.
Mr PS3  +   2954d ago
Ha Ha what a headline
I just spat out my mornig coffee
The xbots are still recovering from the warner going blu news
The xbots are still recovering from the new line cinema going blu news
And when they see this ?? Well crying in there mummy's bosom or locking them selve's in their bedroom with there pillow over ther head for a week would be good response's

Anyway i say this is good cause we have'nt seen some of the bots like mart, zhuk ,razer ,sinner for a few days now and this will keep em away for a few more days ha ha

P.S Sinner will be along in a minute with his usuall saying "Bye bye Mr bubble" hey sinner you can kiss my bubble if you love em that much
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You bought an Xbox  +   2954d ago
Mr PS3
Good picture
Pain  +   2953d ago
Way Funny!

woo blu!~
IntelligentAj  +   2953d ago
I've got admit that is pretty ironic..
SRuN4  +   2954d ago
same thing could be said about God of War, Universal owns the rights to make the movie.
TheHater  +   2954d ago
yes, but Universal deal with HD-DVD ends later this year. And we will not see the God of War movie until 2010 the earliest.
Cyrus365  +   2954d ago
Your right, and if Universial is still releasing movies on HD-DVD by the time God of War movie is made (Gears of war is further ahead than God of War), then that'll be Irony as well.
TheHater  +   2954d ago
WOW, I didn't see this coming.
Bonsai1214  +   2954d ago
when was there news that a GeOW movie was on its way? lol

btw, the golden compass movie was TERRIBLE. you're watching it, and you expect it to go on for another hour at least when it hits the ending. but it kinda just /cut. everyone in the theater was like, wtf...
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xplosneer  +   2954d ago
I saw that at 7:00 tonight. Okay movie, good idea, but WTF ending. Seriously nice way to kill a movie.
aznfrankie  +   2954d ago
well, you can say the same for LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring. I felt that way too about the ending of the movie until i realized it's part of a trilogy. I think the cut-off is supposed to make you want to see the rest of the trilogy for His Dark Materials (the title of the trilogy starting with The Golden Compass).
eagle21  +   2954d ago
Um, not surprising.
Hope the movies good. lol.
joemomma  +   2954d ago
Can anyone spell ironic?
Eamon  +   2954d ago
Evil Zhuk...?

jack who  +   2954d ago
ever heard of downloading? i guess not.

edit lmao this ppl think cuzz a movie is on a 50gb disk it means its taken up all the space
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Cyrus365  +   2954d ago
In HD, on blu-ray? Good luck ripping that (although some software makers are claiming it can be done), but downloading 25 -50 gigs of data? I don't want to tie up my internet for a few days to download 1 movie.
jack who  +   2954d ago
you are a dumb ass

1)there will never be any moive that will take up 25-50gb

2)you dont need days to download a movie you only need 5-6min tops to download the frist 20min of the moive and it starts playing and Continus to download whlie you watch.

3)on xbl i have downloaded and watched a 720P movie which was at 6gb in less than 10 mins.

4)you dont know what you talking bout.

5) knew you would disagree with out saying anything back
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mikeslemonade  +   2954d ago
That's compressed if you're downloading a movie that fast. And yea there already 50gb blu-ray movies out now.
jack who  +   2954d ago

you mind givein me the name of this 5ogb moive?
Perkel  +   2954d ago
blue planet (BBC) document is on 4 blu rays, and do u know what is uncopresed audio ? There are films with uncompresed 7.1 audio this take huge amount of GB ...
gamesR4fun  +   2954d ago
fact is
you can rip b/r movies with linux on your ps3... great for backing up them kids movies. We keep them in a box and just sream the shows off our htpc Kids get their shows and we dont have to worry about them wrecking a 30 dollar disk...

depending on the format most are under 2 gigs in 720 p surround sound quality... best of all the tool are all free
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mikeslemonade  +   2954d ago
I believe Click is 50gb blu-ray movie.
jack who  +   2954d ago
the same blue planet thats up on live for download?
mikeslemonade  +   2954d ago
Oh yea you can watch that movie but if you want the best quality than you have to watch it on blu-ray and hd-dvd.
TANOD  +   2954d ago
@jack who
get real

DD will take off but not before 5/10 years from now
tfur  +   2954d ago
Notice the column for size...
mullet  +   2954d ago
There are actually quite a few...
Blu-ray movies that are 50 GB. Keep in mind that they're not compressed, unlike the trash you're downloading.

Click there and search for them. There are A LOT of them.
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Caliber  +   2954d ago
"jack who", you need to get a clue.
The 6GB movies you download are compressed 720p with DD mono/stereo at best, while Blu-ray is 1080p with 7.1. All that takes up a lot of space.
If you want true high quality picture and audio that compressed stuff you're downloading isn't an option.
#7.13 (Edited 2954d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Cyrus365  +   2953d ago
Umm I'm talking about 1080p dummy, and with some 5.1 sound or better sound. Not what they offer on X-box live which is 720p, why do you think they don't offer anything in 1080p? Hmmm I wonder why...
WeaseL  +   2953d ago
& jack who
6GB HD movies?
So whats all the fuss about HD-DVD & Blu-Ray when we could get it all on a normal DVD?
RecSpec  +   2954d ago
Not an issue
There hasn't been a decent game movie in a long time, and that is excluding anything made by Uwe Boll. Maybe good for fans of the game, but to anyone else, not even close.
mikeslemonade  +   2954d ago
Now we can say that Gears of War can be played on PS3. That isn't a false statement.
gamesR4fun  +   2954d ago
ya but since they got that 3rd person mod on ut3 gears aint far off...
Neither is halo (the beta mod looks better than the original lol)
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   2954d ago
I was just about to make a comment about the irony but i should've guessed someone beat me to it.
Bathyj  +   2954d ago
Same will go for the Halo movie if they ever make one.
allforcalisto  +   2954d ago
didnt even think about that lol.

microsoft didnt rule out releasing a blu-ray enabled 360 in the future.

either way this is a good for sony.
Bathyj  +   2954d ago
Mass Effect, Bioshock, Microsoft, The Bill Gates Story.

BR won. Just about any movie that get made from now will end up on BluRay.
NeonSkull  +   2954d ago
i downloaded the halo short in hd from stage6 straight to my ps3, you cant do that on a 360.
The Karate Kid  +   2954d ago
-Here we go-
Oh just shut your freaking mouf.........................3 60 download this and 360 download that. The fact of the matter is I wyped my BUTT with HALO 3 and Mass Effect's DVD covers farted on my 360 HD-DVD attachment and celebrated all Friday night with the annoucement of Warner & Blu-Ray.

Now that this has happened PS3 will offically take off (Especially after the rumored $100.00 price drop to $299.99) which will take place 1st week of march.

360 will now offically die a quick death because the hopes of ever releasing a HD-DVD internal has faded away and that makes the system dinosaur status.


Home, Rumble, Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy 13, Kingdom Hearts and all the rest of the fantastic PS3 games will shake up the world.

Gran Turismo 5 exc and exc..........................!
JBaby343  +   2954d ago
Quite ironic to say the least. I wonder how this movie will shape up considering the game gave ABSOLUTELY NO background info/story. One of my great disappointments with it.
MK_Red  +   2954d ago
With HD-DVD's death, soon Halo movie will also join the Blu camp.
Eamon  +   2954d ago
such a misleading title
It doesn't make it PS3 exclusive since M$ could just release a downloadable version of it on Video Marketplace. Did everyone forget about that since M$ really wants to make moneyy out of downloadable media.

Edit: And anyway, some third party company could make a Blu-Ray add-on since now its pointless to get a HD DVD add-on.
But if the price of the 40gb PS3 goes down a lot, then I might buy it because its also considered a Blu-Ray player.
#15 (Edited 2954d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Mercutio  +   2954d ago
Ow Puhleaaaase
cry me a river

EDIT: okay, sorry... I didnt read your post thoroughly, I apologize.

#15.1 (Edited 2954d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Eamon  +   2954d ago
I'm sorry but since I have a life I can't care as much as you do.

I actually liked Blu-Ray from the beginning due to its larger capacity. The only thing I didn't like is the region locking for movies.

Edit: But does HD DVD have a chance for a comeback? Discuss
#15.2 (Edited 2954d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Lumbo  +   2954d ago
Yawn, i fully expect the movies to appear on XBL video marketplace in some low-bitrate encode.
Not that i would even consider buying the BluRay version of a movie from a game (they all suck at an Uwe Boll level) for my PS3.
GameHero  +   2954d ago
so...Gears is coming to the PS3!
Well, the Movie tha is...
roybatty  +   2954d ago
My regular Lord of the Rings DVD's..
Upconvert on my PS3 really well. On my 50" Bravia it really does look fantastic.
I can't imagine how sweet a true 1080p BD transfer of these movies will be.
Some regular dvd's look pretty crap upconverted, but I guess Lord Of The Rings
has allot of information on the disc.
Can anyone tell me why this is? Some dvd's look sh1te upconvertd?
The_Engineer  +   2954d ago
it all depends
on the original resolution they were shot in, if they used wide format panoramic cameras then obviously this will transfer very well to an HD format like bluray. If it was shot with standard 4:3 ratio lensing then obviously there is alot less information of the frame of film to stretch out to 16:9. That's why some older moview remain in their native 4:3 aspect ratio to preserve image quality.

hope that helps
shylos10  +   2954d ago
The gears of war franchise isn't xbox exclusive anymore anyway is it? Just the first game, as I heard the 2nd is coming out on PS3. I always thought BR would win, but I really dont care that much anyway, I'm not gonna replace al my DVDs im happy with them being upscaled.
RadientFlux  +   2954d ago
This article is pointless at least wait in till the movie has actually been released in the theaters.
Odion  +   2954d ago
how did this get approved, they have the Gears of War movie which hasn't been made as a Blue ray only movie and have a dead link as their source?

WTF is happening to this site?
Wozzer  +   2954d ago
HAHA This is hilarious. Power to the Blu!
Noodlecup  +   2954d ago
Something tells me....
A lot of PS3 owners won't be buying this crap anyway.
tk  +   2954d ago
It is ironic....
Many of these movies that was exclusive XB360 games will actually boost PS3 sales when the movies gets released on BR... because most gamers will buy a PS3 rather than a stand alone BR player. So expect a lot of XB360 owners to buy a PS3 from this year on. Ironic... MS will have to release a BR XB360 to stem the tide...
HarryEtTubMan  +   2954d ago
Gears 2 is pretty much the only game I al really stoked about dor my 360... all the good games are coming to PS3
monkey602  +   2954d ago
Gears 2, Left 4 Dead and Ninja Gaiden 2 for me. there might be more but I just cant think of them right now.
Mr_Showtime1  +   2954d ago
Lets just hope
That the Gears movie doesnt follow the trend of other movies based on games!

looking at you Mario Bros, D.O.A, Street fighter etc
WilliamRLBaker  +   2954d ago
Industry news? i didn't know the movie industry was part of the gaming industry.
mighty_douche  +   2954d ago
Whats wrong? feeling a little green? or should that be blu?
mighty_douche  +   2954d ago

Still it's probably gonna be a suck ass movie, all game/movie tie ins turn out thet way.
monkey602  +   2954d ago
haha I was waiting to see you on this after that COD4 game of headquarters last night. that was a good game!
First round I was against you and because I recognised the name I was trying to hunt you down but we were trashed that round. :D
Voozi  +   2954d ago
Halo Movie
Going to be even more funny when we see the Halo movie on Blu Ray =P
#29 (Edited 2954d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Crazyglues  +   2954d ago
Wait just a second, their is a Gears of War Movie? How is there going to be a Gears of War movie before we get a Halo Movie..

Did I miss something? Is the Gears Movie already in production, is their already a cast.. anyone know. And when is it set to come out?
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