Gears of War Movie in HD to be PS3 / Blu-Ray Exclusive

For those of you with stand-alone Blu-ray players or PlayStation 3's, you can now look forward to the following releases:

- Lord of the Rings Trilogy
- Golden Compass
- Gears of War (Movie)
- Austin Powers

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Cyrus3653634d ago

The Irony of a game that is 360 exclusive, and the movie version, atleast if you want to watch it in HD, will likely be PS3/ Blu-Ray exclusive.

gamesR4fun3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

no ones going to be putting out hd dvd anymore after the bribes run out...

If they ever do decide to make that halo movie you might want a ps3 to watch it on ;)

TheIneffableBob3634d ago

Gears of War is on the PC, too.

Capt CHAOS3634d ago

DVD is just fine and if anything DVD superbit should be promoted more.

Mr PS33634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

I just spat out my mornig coffee
The xbots are still recovering from the warner going blu news
The xbots are still recovering from the new line cinema going blu news
And when they see this ?? Well crying in there mummy's bosom or locking them selve's in their bedroom with there pillow over ther head for a week would be good response's

Anyway i say this is good cause we have'nt seen some of the bots like mart, zhuk ,razer ,sinner for a few days now and this will keep em away for a few more days ha ha

P.S Sinner will be along in a minute with his usuall saying "Bye bye Mr bubble" hey sinner you can kiss my bubble if you love em that much

Pain3633d ago

Way Funny!

woo blu!~

IntelligentAj3633d ago

I've got admit that is pretty ironic..

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SRuN43634d ago

same thing could be said about God of War, Universal owns the rights to make the movie.

TheHater3634d ago

yes, but Universal deal with HD-DVD ends later this year. And we will not see the God of War movie until 2010 the earliest.

Cyrus3653634d ago

Your right, and if Universial is still releasing movies on HD-DVD by the time God of War movie is made (Gears of war is further ahead than God of War), then that'll be Irony as well.

TheHater3634d ago

WOW, I didn't see this coming.

Bonsai12143634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

when was there news that a GeOW movie was on its way? lol

btw, the golden compass movie was TERRIBLE. you're watching it, and you expect it to go on for another hour at least when it hits the ending. but it kinda just /cut. everyone in the theater was like, wtf...

xplosneer3634d ago

I saw that at 7:00 tonight. Okay movie, good idea, but WTF ending. Seriously nice way to kill a movie.

aznfrankie3634d ago

well, you can say the same for LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring. I felt that way too about the ending of the movie until i realized it's part of a trilogy. I think the cut-off is supposed to make you want to see the rest of the trilogy for His Dark Materials (the title of the trilogy starting with The Golden Compass).

eagle213634d ago

Hope the movies good. lol.