WWE 13 Might Feature Brock Lesnar

Here is the return that fans have been wanting years for. His departure from the UFC put WWE fans in a frenzy and it seems their wish has come true. So is THQ going to use Brock as the cover athlete for the game this year?

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Relientk772445d ago

I would hope so, since he just returned to Raw tonite.

MrBeatdown2445d ago

Great article.

What next? An article about the Wrestlemania arena being in the game? The Undertaker's haircut? Lord Tensai? John Cena's t-shirt?


speaking of undertakers haircut...

NYC_Gamer2445d ago

Brock ran back to the WWE after getting his ass kicked around in the UFC

one2thr2445d ago

Didnt he have an intestinial disease or something?....

theEx1Le2445d ago

Mans gotta work, and yes One2thr he had a foot and a half of his intestines removed.

NellyNel_7_1_32445d ago

really? will he be able to move around like he use to back in the old days? Probably not I would think so.

brish2445d ago


One way to read what you said was Brock had his foot removed, and half of his intestines.

Just to be clear to other users. Brock had 1.5 feet of his intestines removed.

dboy122445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I think that THQ should put Brock Lesnar in and Brock Lesnar should return (like WWE '12) after the night on Wrestlemania and should be able to choose who you want to attack.

Virus2012445d ago

Brock Lesnar is in WWE 12.

GamrInsanity2445d ago

No featured as in maybe the cover athlete.

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