Kill Used Games, Kill The Industry

The web has abuzz this week with the rumor that the next-gen system from Sony, the Playstation 4 codenamed Orbis, would have software that essentially kills used games. The rumor says that each game will come with a one time code that essentially bonds that game with the console. If the game is used in another console it will either not work, have some sort of limited trial access or demand a DLC style package to gain full access. Now lets just be real as to what this would spell out.

The death of the video game industry.

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Ray1862446d ago

"If there’s one thing that anyone should have learned as of late it’s that scorned gamers are a particularly petty lot."

Truer words have never been written.

JBSleek2446d ago

If both Sony and Microsoft kill the used game market nothing happens. There will be game's like myself who will still buy both. If you are gonna stop out on these consoles because of no used games then I completely respect your opinion but you will be missing out on some great experiences.

Games will be al digital in major countries in maybe 10-15 years everything is going digital. Physical media. 40% of laptops by 2015 won't have optical drives. Times are changing anyway so embrace the change or be left looking from the outside.

HarryMasonHerpderp2446d ago

There will be gamers that still buy the consoles
even if they don't play used games,but a MUCH larger
percentage of people wont be buying them and that
will have a massive impact on what you will get out
of the anti-used consoles.
Sony and Microsoft need everybody on board next gen.
I think it will either make or break them depending
on these kinds of decisions.

Stinky_Fish2446d ago

I agree, you dont have an industry without it but then again no legit person thinks any system will do it,

just false rumors

BI0RAPTOR2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I do not think it would destroy the gaming industry if the second hand games were no more although it would be unethical not to think that it may.

Agent_00_Revan2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

It would mean even more yearly entries of big name money making games. People will no longer take the risk of buying a game they dont know is a smash hit. Which means the little developers possibly suffer even more.

And that new IP that people are curious about, but still on the fence over, it'll fail, because "why take the risk of blowing $60 and the game sucking then being stuck with it?"

Yes, blocking all used games would kill the industry.

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