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Vita Version Of Madden NFL 13 Available For Pre-Order On EA’s Origin Store

Vita Version Of Madden NFL 13 Available For Pre-Order On EA’s Origin Store, along with box art - PSLS (Madden NFL 13, PS Vita)

Foolsjoker  +   1214d ago
This could be a huge seller for the PSVita. Especially, if it has a cross platform feature like MLB The Show.
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doctorstrange  +   1214d ago
Not sure how Sony'd be able to get EA to agree
But if this could come out on the Vita a month ahead of everything else it'd give em a huge boost
Foolsjoker  +   1214d ago
Well given the difficulty of revamping a new Madden every year, it could give EA that big new feature to get people to update. That is if Sony doesn't want to take away any thunder from MLB The Show.
dbjj12088  +   1214d ago
Definitely. Sports games on the Vita have been fantastic because they look so good.
a_bro  +   1214d ago
good? I beg to differ, they look fantastic so far. Im hooked on FIFA on Vita right now
KonaBro  +   1214d ago
Now I can take my Packers on the go! Go Pack go!
Starbucks_Fan  +   1214d ago
Now you can lose to the Giants on the go! LOLOLOL
gtxgamer2  +   1214d ago
So if i buy it on Origin, will they give me a downloadable code?
Foolsjoker  +   1214d ago
No, I believe they will mail you a boxed copy.
ftwrthtx  +   1214d ago
Hopefully they'll use the cloud like MLB 12.
nevin1  +   1214d ago
I actually played Madden 12 PSP for a few mins last november and its was the best madden I played since the PS2 days. They should do really good with a vita version.

NBA 2K13 could be handheld sports game of the year though.
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