Calling Them Out: Why I'll Continue to Buy Used Games (and you should too)

TheParanoidGamer writes: "Calling Them Out is a new series of featured articles on TheParanoidGamer where we, your favorite tin hat wearing writers, verbally dissect the most fetid and insidious of industry pandering articles being pumped out by the mass gaming media.

Up on today’s butcher table is a real stinker of an article written by’s Don Reisinger, a man who’ll never buy another game used and tells you why you shouldn’t either. Oh boy, here we go."

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NYC_Gamer2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Next someone will say that we shouldn't borrow games because it hurts the industry....

StanSmith2445d ago

You know it will happen! lol!

Back to the article, surely if everyone buys used games, then there won't be any used games as someone has to buy the new ones?!?

Anyway, if used games get dropped, then people will buy less games. When the games stop selling, they will get a price cut sooner rather than later. Then, the publishers will cry about them making less money. Then they will make games shorter and then BAM!

We have a Videogame Market Crash!

Personally, i only buy used if it is an old game that i can't buy new. I do, however, trade-in my games to fund New ones and to clear up clutter. I mean, do these publishers expect us to hoard these lumps of plastic?

The issue isn't the used games market. The issue is that publishers are developing games that aren't worth keeping.

I've only kept Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Uncharted 1-3, Gears 1-3 and Burnout Paradise out of probably hundreds of games.

PercyOmalley2446d ago

Believe that as soon as the gaming feels they are losing money, borrowing a game will make your console explode.

Leventa242446d ago

They're already doing that. If the rumors about the next-gen versions of the PS3 and 360 are true, you wont be able to borrow games from a friend because you'll need to pay some manner if licensing just to play the game itself because it'll be locked to your account. Welcome to the future.

MysticStrummer2446d ago

I'll continue to buy used games because quite simply, not all games are worth full price.

BitbyDeath2446d ago

Anyone remember Free Radical or Bioware or Zipper?
Anyone wonder why a lot of devs are not going outside of the safe zone this gen and sticking to shooters?
Or why the Unreal Engine is so popular?

Think about it...

Moncole2446d ago

Since people are buying used games devs are mako less money and have to stick with what's popular

Nitrowolf22446d ago


I always thought it was because of COD, especially since these shooters are adding stuff found in Cod.

Leventa242446d ago

I don't really see your point. Free Radical pretty much always made shooters, and they started struggling after they released a total stinker with Haze. They didn't even fully shut down, they just became Crytek UK and now they're working on Homefront 2. Zipper got the can after they ruined SOCOM. Nothing else to it. Bioware is developing an RTS right now so, yet again, what?

And as far as Unreal, the engine is cheap, has great tools, and have been used to create games as varied as Bioshock and Batman Arkham City. So...yeah?

BitbyDeath2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Moncole said it all above.

Games can cost millions to make and they do not make that money back after a single purchase.

Free Radical, were a highly successful developer who went on to sell millions. Yet it only took 1 unsuccessful game to bring them down.

Zipper, one or even two games should not mean the end for them. They had already proven themselves with the original Socom games.
If it only took 1 or 2 crap games then devs like EA would have been dead long ago. Luckily they have been using the unreal engine in a lot of their games and also hold onto sports franchises which is vastly popular.

EA now control Bioware. You think they'd want to not be independent if they had a choice? Used games would also have played a part in bringing them down too.

Unreal Engine, that is my point. It is cheap and that is why tons of devs are not taking risks and building their own. They need the money and the used games industry is not helping.

xyxzor2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

"Unreal Engine, that is my point. It is cheap and that is why tons of devs are not taking risks and building their own. They need the money and the used games industry is not helping."

Yes investing in a cheaper engine leads to a lack of innovation. I guess sitting on a pile of cash stunts innovation.

So stupid.

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