EDGE - Silent Hill: Downpour review

EDGE - As the opening minutes of Silent Hill: Downpour attest, it doesn’t get much more grisly than execution-style murder in a prison shower. The hard, smooth surface of its floor and walls too easily conjure the impression of a butcher’s shop, its tiles simply waiting to be wiped clean with a cloth and the blood rinsed into a floor drain. Showers are where people take off their clothes and spend a few minutes in their most vulnerable state, which is why the idea of violence – sexual or otherwise – in a shower setting is so uniquely disturbing. There are reams of precedent for this in film, from Hitchcock’s Psycho to the bathhouse knife fight in Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises. The scenario never gets easier to stomach.

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OhMyGandhi2445d ago

I don't even know if I want to touch this game.
I have good memories of Silent hill 2 and 3, and the shear uniqueness of "4: The Room" kept me playing due to it's creepy "normal outside the window, but terrifying and seemingly suffocating to be on the other side" sort of factor to it.

Yet again, a creepy, expertly paced, and disturbing on many levels-type horror game turns into an action title.

And since Resident Evil turned that way some time ago, I guess it's up to games like Dead Space, Penumbra, and Amnesia to carry the torch from here on out.