IGN - Max Payne 3 Video Preview

IGN - A hard-edged action game focussing on frantic firefights, Rockstar's latest is looking to be the third-person shooter to beat in 2012.

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Derekvinyard132444d ago

cant wait been almost a decade

Fez2443d ago

First video I've watched of MP3 and I'm really impressed. Definitely getting this.

Hope GTA has similar shooting controls.

r212443d ago

that Euphoria engine is amazing! reacting and not fixed death animations and no regenerating health. my god, this game is going is to be great.

Valenka2439d ago

Max Payne 3 is looking more amazing as the release date draws near. I was a little skeptical at first in terms of how this game will stay true to the original two, but all worries have been quelled over the last couple of months, and this video just validated it. I can't wait until next month.