Skyrim: Has the lag on PlayStation 3 finally been fixed?

CVG - Being a PlayStation Elder Scrolls fan has not been fun. While Xbox 360 and PC gamers have been smugly whacking orcs upside the face, the PS3 edition has been largely unplayable thanks to nebulous technical issues centred on a nosediving frame rate during extended play times. Here's the kicker: not everyone suffers, and those that do report a whole range of maladies, from complete freezes to uncompletable quests.

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360GamerFG2448d ago

Has the RAM on ps3 been increased? Well then there's your answer.

Information Minister2447d ago

Are you speaking from your own extensive experience with Skyrim on PS3? Well then, there's your answer.

brish2447d ago


The 1.4 patch fixed the issue for most people. The patch didn't add more RAM to the ps3! It was a software issue not a hardware issue.

There are still a few issues for people who play the game for an extremely long time. Now both the ps3, and xbox 360 have similar lag (they both have problems if the game is played an extremely long time).

XBox 360 lag

If you go to youtube you can find people complaining about lag on the xbox 360.

Search for this:
xbox 360 skyrim lag

Reborn2448d ago

It doesn't lag for me any more. Can't speak for anyone else though.

Leeta2447d ago

its never lagged on ps3 for me, and what is it with these same old news posts on this website, read this article 100 times already just the words were layed out differently.