CVG - The 15 worst decisions in Nintendo gaming history

CVG - And that's the trouble with choices: there's usually a wrong one.

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turokgames2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Worse eh? Nintendo is the only company out of the big three that has no debt

Hicken2443d ago

Nintendo's also the only one out of the three that's strictly gaming. The other two have multitudes of divisions, and not all of them will do well all the time. Nintendo only has gaming, so if that fails, they're doomed.

Neo Nugget2443d ago

God, I hate these sites that have pop up ads when you click to the next page -.-

frequentcontributor2443d ago

What a weird article... Most of those things are minor story points in games - hardly the worst decisions Nintendo has ever made. What about purposely making the N64 difficult to program for, mistakenly thinking that only the best developers would make games for it? Or releasing a shoddy version of the Virtual Boy to free up developers to work on the 64, basically ensuring its failure? And the Gameboy Micro, a totally unnecessary and too tiny version of a dying system. And pretty much giving 3rd parties the shaft since the NES. And creating their own biggest competitor in Sony by screwing them over on a deal... I love Nintendo, but they've made a lot bigger mistakes than having an annoying line of dialogue in an rpg or limiting Samus' powers throughout a Metroid game.