PAX East Friday Passes Nearly Sold Out

GR: "The PAX East twitter account has announced that there's only a handful of Friday-only passes left for sale. At this point, organizers expect to be completely sold out in just a few days. If you haven't been keeping track, three-day passes and Saturday passes have already sold-out entirely."

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LostTokens2448d ago

Not surprised by the news, wish I could be going!

NYC_Gamer2448d ago

How come none of these events ever come to New York or Jersey?

DeleteThisxx2448d ago

Because the only good center located in NY is the Javits center and the size of that venue is hardly enough to accommodate PAX. I would know, I go to NYCC and PAX East every year. Just take the 4 hour trip to Boston, it's worth it.

Foolsjoker2448d ago

I wonder if we have room for more events in the US, or are we at a point where more will be pushing it.

Megaton2448d ago

That's when BioWare's panel is happening. Bring your rotten fruit and veggies, boys.