Gamatsu Reviews: Xenoblade Chronicles

Gamatsu: As mentioned in the introduction to my Xenoblade is the best RPG of this generation.

Xenoblade has combined the best elements of all the RPGs of the last 20 years into something huge that somehow works incredibly well. The game has great voice acting (in Japanese) and I recommend that you play in that language with subtitles. If you get bored of reading, language can be changed at any time. I always have had trouble seeing such dolls anime with voices in English or Spanish, as strange as I would hear the egg cartoons speak Japanese.

Taking into account the voice acting, music, great story, beautiful scenery, the characters, the huge world, it's amazing that everything went into a Wii disc.

If you own a Wii and do not plan on buying this game, change plans, because without doubt be the game that will make you feel that you got out of your console.

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MultiConsoleGamer2449d ago

I was always interested in this game but the writer's enthusiasm has now piqued my interest.

aDDicteD2449d ago

i'm looking forward on buying xenoblade chronicles