Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising (darkzero)

"Twenty years have passed since the last full Kid Icarus title (that’s a whole me!), and in that time plenty has changed. At the time of the last Kid Icarus, 8-bit consoles were the height of technology and “smart” phones were unheard of. My experience of the early games extends only to clumsy attempts at playing the 3D classics release of Kid Icarus, attempts that got me almost nowhere. Luckily for me, Pit has evolved along with the gaming industry."

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MultiConsoleGamer2422d ago

I've been loving this game. I just wish Nintendo would release more AR cards.

MetalShadows2422d ago

I haven't noticed them in shops but I do know you can get more through the Nintendo website (in Europe anyway). I'm on the verge of wanting more, they just don't quite do enough to make me invest.