Robot Entertainment explains why Orcs Must Die! 2 won't kill on Xbox LIVE

XMNR: Robot Entertainment announced Orcs Must Die! 2 on Monday but absent from its announcement was any mention of the Xbox 360 or any other console as platforms for the now PC and Steam-only title. Given that the original was released first on Xbox LIVE Arcade, we thought this odd and contacted the developer to find out why.

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Emilio_Estevez2447d ago

Tower defense type games do seem more PC'ish, so that makes sense to me.

RedDead2447d ago

Indie games do miles better on Pc, mainly due to Steam

Queasy2447d ago

Well, it's more of a third-party action game with Tower Defense elements. But yeah, it definitely had a better run on Steam where the price was dropped frequently than on the Xbox 360 where I can think it went on sale maybe once or twice.

c1oudy2447d ago

No matter how much it makes sense in business terms, it still feels like a kick in the teeth to those who enjoyed the first one on 360.

SleazyChimp2446d ago

I don't understand why you would limit your game sales by not going multiplat. If they want to concentrate on pc thats fine, but to leave out any potential buyers is crazy! I mean if it only sold 10 copies on LIVE, thats 10 copies your not gonna sell now.

-MD-2445d ago

You're aware it costs a lot of money to port a game to another platform, right?