Blocking used games unlikely to kill the console game market

Arstechnica- "Since rumors first surfaced earlier this week that Sony may be planning to effectively block used games from working on the follow-up to the PlayStation 3 (following similar rumors about Microsoft's next system that leaked earlier in the year), I've been hearing some gamers and industry watchers suggest that such a move would be market suicide for any console maker foolish enough to go through with it.

Despite publishers agitating for an aggressive stance against what's seen as a revenue-draining scourge, console makers that actually took steps to block used games would face a consumer backlash and reduction in demand that would easily outweigh any supposed benefits from the scheme, or so the argument goes.

While that's certainly a possibility, thinking through the standard arguments regarding the potential market impact of a used-game-free console leads me to think that such a move probably wouldn't make a significant dent in the bottom line for console makers or publishers."

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GraveLord2449d ago

Who said anything about blocking used games?
All I heard was a system similar to that of an online pass.

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Dante1122449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

I like how most of the rumors went from "Bad moves, suicide. Destroying themselves" when they were about the next Sony console, but as soon as similar rumors were reported about Microsoft's next console, things "suddenly aren't so bad". There was never anything about blocking used games, just blocks similar to online passes (Re-syncing games with console). But on topic, if any next gen consoles didn't allow me to play used game AT ALL, I won't be buying them.

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StanSmith2449d ago


Did you ever think people kicked off because when it was announced that MS may do it, many thought "well i'll just get a PS4" then when It was rumoured Sony may do it too, people realised they couldn't avoid the situation?

But, no your right! It's just another case of the media hating Sony for the past 6 years! /s

Stop playing the victim card!

TekoIie2448d ago

Totally agree with you dude. (going off topic here) The PS3 got hate on its first year for good reason, Sony tried to abuse their loyal fanbase and it made me hold off on buying their console until the slim was released. It also made me buy and 360 which was incredibly cheaper than the ps3 in the UK at launch.

But now the hate is given pretty evenly.

Stinky_Fish2449d ago

nobody is blocking used games

MultiConsoleGamer2449d ago

It will provide tremendous incentive for piracy.

It will lead to a Big Business VS Consumers "Vietnam" style war in which the big companies can never win.

Did the music industry stop people from file sharing by suing people for ungodly amounts of money? Nope. It only made people hate the music industry even more than they already did.

Soldierone2449d ago

Pretty sure you hit the nail right on the head. If they go to such great lengths to punish me for buying a used game when I can't afford to shell out 60 dollars for a 3 hour experience, then fine....pirating looks really good.

Currently I don't pirate a single game AT ALL, and honestly don't care for the people that do it. However you want to punish me? Fine, goodbye DLC, hello pirate community.

The sad part is I normally dont buy used games either, so its a double whammy for them.

adorie2449d ago

The MPAA and RIAA need to take a chill pill.

wiggles2449d ago

I think Used games will eventually just get phased out. Consoles will probably be more download friendly, such as the HD will be bigger and maybe even an option for a memory upgrade. I don't think the next gen will get rid of the disc drive, but I wouldn't be surprised if the console after did way with it completely. Hopefully by that time console gamer's have access to a service like Steam, otherwise we will be at the mercy of prices that never drop/don't drop very far.

dazzrazz2449d ago

Just because consoles will be download friendly does not mean anything, you also need to have download friendly ISP which is kinda hard to find in US (sorry no clue what country r u from). Where average download speed is 6.1 Mbps !!! Many people are restricted by providers to monthly quotas of 50,100.150,250 GB (like AT & T and Comcast) Disc drive will still be more important than digital distribution because I highly doubt average Joe will spend downloading lets say game like Battlefield 3 which as of today weighs around 20+ gigabytes on his average connection. Plus you haver to take into account next gen games will have better graphics = bigger textures more space taken compared even with today

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