Indie developers earned much more in 2011

Gamasutra- U.S. independent game developers working by themselves or in teams earned a lot more money last year, according to Game Developer's 2011 Game Industry Salary Survey.

While salaries remained virtually flat for the mainstream U.S. game industry last year, individual indie developers more than doubled their average earning from $11,379 in 2010 to $23,549 in 2011.

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vortis2445d ago

Very interesting article.

Funny how the legal department makes more than the guys who actually make the games.

That's messed up right there.

I wonder how much the marketing managers make? After seeing EA's $747 million dollar marketing budget I'd imagine it's more than it should be.

Stinky_Fish2445d ago

it doesnt mean that much when you take into account that monety eaten up in costs

gtxgamer22445d ago

Damnn thats it? if they make a good quality game they should get more, they deserve it. Meanwhile at a major company people are making millions of dollars. Smh.

Bimkoblerutso2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Well, considering their budgets, it's not bad. At the very least, it's good to see the increase, small as it may be.

Maybe all this corporate BS that's taking place in the more mainstream industry (money-grabbing DLC, the used game war, DRM, etc.) is finally driving people to look to the ever-growing indie scene a little more often.

2444d ago
RockmanII72444d ago

Is this including Minecraft sales?