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Saints Row: The Third DLC Review Roundup

Now that all the Saints Row: The Third DLC has been released that is included in their season pass, was it worth the up front cost of $19.99? (PC, PS3, Saints Row: The Third, Xbox 360) 2/5

rvbfreak  +   829d ago
I like the setup of this review a lot. It gives a nice, brief overview of what to expect accompanied by an easy to see score.
Megaton  +   828d ago
I played them on a friend's 360 the other day. Really short, semi-enjoyable. Meh. I'll get them for my PC version when they're 50% off or more on Steam.
ninjaman999  +   828d ago
I got lucky since I got half off the Season pass on Steam during the winter sales but for those who bought full price, this is the downside to season passes since its technically putting money up front for DLC that has the POSSIBILITY of being good. While they werent all shit, I expected better from these guys :(
UltimateSin  +   828d ago
I expected to see this type of DLC with SR3. It happened in RFG and SR2, with mission packs that were 5 missions and somewhat enjoyable. But 3 fairly long missions and that's it? Come on.

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