What Does Sega’s Restructuring Mean For You?

Sega recently announced plans to cut jobs and games, but what does this mean for your average gamer?

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DarkSniper2078d ago

That Shennue III is the only game that can save Sega from financial hell.


Knushwood Butt2078d ago

I'm pretty sure the original Shenmue PUT Sega in financial hell...

No_Pantaloons2078d ago

They're one step closer to bankruptcy, good, cause they'll sell off their IPs and we can finally see the sequels we've been waiting 10-20 years for. If you're an old school sega fan you have to know its not the same company it was, its time to let it go, we'd all benefit in the end.

Fatty2078d ago

What Does Sega's Restructuring Mean For You?

More poorly made games with Sonic characters rammed into/onto them.

Stinky_Fish2078d ago

a new phantasy star is in the works, a new valkyria, a new yakuza, ect

so this article is kind of worthless, all I saw is alot of japanese did really well

tarbis2078d ago

What it means?
It means they're gonna stop killing their franchises.

tiffac0082077d ago

Too late for a lot of their franchises. ~_~

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