Upcoming BF3 Tweaks to Suppression, Shotguns and Hopefully Vehicles

MP1st - With the recent Battlefield 3 patch out and in the hands of controller squeezing, mouse grabbing, keyboard smashing Battlefielders, many are noticing faces of the good, the bad, and the ugly of said patch. DICE Senior Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz responds to fan feedback and reveals what’s in store for future tweaks.

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Merrill2446d ago

I find the recoil has been tweaked to a point that I don't enjoy playing the game now. Maybe it's just me, but the guns handled better pre-patch.

Hufandpuf2446d ago

does the resist suppression specialization help?

Merrill2446d ago

Hmm, I'm not sure. I will try that tomorrow. I find I can't even hit someone running anymore. It feels different to me.

Soldierone2446d ago

Not really. It helps, but its still bad with a majority of the guns.

I mean it would be fine if the game was like this to begin with, but to randomly patch it like this out of no where is annoying.

dark-hollow2446d ago

Screw this game!
Am all for balancing but this is getting ridiculous!

Nerf nerf nerf! You can't 100% balance a game like battlefield!

Tanks are worthless.
90% guns are crap!
The mortar is a joke.
Suppression added guns recoil like a raging bull.

Am going back to bad company 2.

SITH2445d ago

I have been typing it left and right on the forums that the nerfing will get out of hand. That seems to be the case now. Dice is so desperate to be liked more than the call of duty franchise that they have overdone the tweaking to satisfy a small group of complainers.

SJPFTW2446d ago

LOL no one complained about suppression, it was fine how it was. Playing a game where your screen is blurry for half the game and you can't see is not fun. Magically increasing recoil on top of increased bullet spread, adding randomness to a competitive shooter is not fun.

EXAMPLE: Was just playing, someone 5 feet away had the jump on me and started firing with his shotgun. I turned got by sights directly on him then started firing but because I was fully suppressed my gun automatically goes an inch to the left due to the increased recoil missing all my shots and allowing him to kill me. Pre-Patch I would have won that 99% of the time. its just retarded now

Game play has been ruined now we need to wait another 10 years before another patch to fix it. CMAAAN

Soldierone2446d ago

Its more annoying being the opposite guy in that situation and losing the battle. Honestly happens to me with all my favorite guns. I'm shooting a guy, getting hit markers, then he turns and "suppresses" me somehow and my guy suddenly can't hit a blind side of a barn....

Switched to PDW weapons and its almost impossible to miss. It's so easy it feels like cheating...but then you go and grab a shotgun and nothing is easier than that....

Even worse is how they totally ruined the tanks now too.

I absolutely loved the game before this patch and hardly ever complained about the game at all.

trenso12446d ago

put the damage on the main gun on jets back to what it was before the patch. and let air radar spot tanks :/ thats all i want

Spitfire_Riggz2446d ago

The cannons on the jets definitely suck now. That was my main weapon against helicopters and other jets. They are worthless

trenso12445d ago

Yea they are worthless now. And you can't use heat seekers cause of flares. And rocket pods are hard to hit a jet with consecutively. So the main gun was the only weapon and now it's garbage

Tru_Blu2446d ago

What about the paper thin armor on the tanks now? It's a rolling coffin at the moment.

Venjense2446d ago

Last time i played BF3 was the day it was patched and I don't really feel like playing it again.

It's just not a fun game personally. BF3 has better everything than BFBC2 except the gunplay, and for a shooter, gunplay matters most. In BF3 (on PS3 at least), the gun play is just really off. It almost feels random.

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The story is too old to be commented.