EA vs Bank of America - Who will be voted the worst company in the US?

EA and Bank of America are the two finalist for the Golden Poo award. Who will win?

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raytraceme2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

bank of america. they f*ed up on peoples monies really bad.

TheoreticalParticle2451d ago

Yeah, America's never had to bail out EA. But they should be happy just to be nominated.

dark-hollow2451d ago

Even EA outdone activision for consumer abuse.

Godchild10202451d ago

I bank with Bank of America and I buy EA games, so why does that make me?

hano2451d ago

A really poor poor soul.

vega2752451d ago

i just started a bank account with Bank of America a few months ago. i wish i would have know then how bad they were. but for the most part i haven't had a problem with them as oppose to all the crap i went thru with citibank who i feel should have been on that list also.

EA is just scumbags so hey there's no love loss there

dcbronco2451d ago

Skank of America is one of the reasons for the recession. You really missed that? Recap:

They made bad loans
Forclosed on bad loans
Bet(credit default swaps) against those loans
Collected on those bets
Pretended to be broke and asked for a bailout
Used bailout money to pay huge executive bonus as they evicted people
Suddenly were able to pay loans back when they learned they would have to pay executives less to keep the money
Refused to loan money to small businesses with bailout money even though they went before Congress and said that it was the reason for the bailouts
They get fined from time to time for doing business with countries that are US enemies

I'm sure I'm forgetting something but that should be enough.

Kleptic2450d ago

^^ yeah...

Im not defending EA, but they aren't close to bank of all...

hano2451d ago

Activision gets my vote as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.