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Submitted by Cyrus365 2886d ago | news

Disney has issued a pre-CES press release regarding Blu-Ray

Disney Studios Home Entertainment (WDSHE) announces an exciting new line-up of Blu-ray initiatives in 2008, an ever-expanding Blu-ray slate and new technological-advancements in bonus feature materials, all which guarantee a superior high-definition home entertainment experience.

"This is an exciting time for Disney as we not only announce the release of our first Platinum Disney animated classic on Blu-ray with Sleeping Beauty, but also allow consumers to create an entirely new home entertainment experience with stunning new bonus features and amazing interactive capabilities like never before seen," stated Bob Chapek, President of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

In North America, WDSHE will be releasing new theatrical titles to Blu-ray Disc day-and-date with DVD including The Game Plan (Walt Disney Pictures) on January 22; Gone Baby Gone and Becoming Jane (both Miramax) on February 12; and Dan In Real Life (Touchstone Pictures) on March 11. WDSHE will expand its catalogue titles on Blu-ray Disc with the releases of The Rock (Hollywood Pictures) and Con Air (Touchstone Pictures) on January 8; Crimson Tide (Hollywood Pictures) on February 5; The Rookie (Walt Disney Pictures) on March 4; Hidalgo (Touchstone Pictures), Coyote Ugly: The Double Shot Edition (Touchstone Pictures), Unbreakable (Touchstone Pictures), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Walt Disney Pictures) and National Treasure: Collector's Edition (Walt Disney Pictures) in spring 2008. (Industry)

Cyrus365  +   2886d ago
As well the link talks about the HD-DVD will now go on a smear tactic, to say Warner took 500 Million + to go blu-ray exclusive. When infact HD-DVD group offered this to both Warner and fox to go HD-DVD Exclusive.

". It appears that reports are starting to leak online today that Warner was offered as much as $500 million for their move to Blu-ray exclusivity. Seems to me, we told you all last week that money was being waved around (in our 12/31 post - click here and scroll down a bit). What the HD-DVD camp wants to sweep under the carpet today is how much THEY ponied up. The HD-DVD camp's strategy in the wake of their failure is to discredit Warner by leaking details of the deal to the HD-DVD friendly online media. The idea is to make Warner feel as much heat as Paramount and DreamWorks felt after THEY took money to flip HD-DVD exclusive last year. I checked out a couple of these sites this morning, and saw a bunch of this sort of thing: "If this is true, we are shocked and outraged to learn that Warner took as much as $500 million from the BDA!" This is no small amount of hypocrisy! You see... the HD-DVD camp offered Warner (and oh, by the way, Fox as well) a very similar sum of up-front money these past few weeks to flip to THEIR side. In other words, the HD-DVD camp got beat at their own game. Now they're embarrassed and pissed off about it, so they're leaking information to try to dust up outrage among the faithful and the fanboys online."
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resistance100  +   2886d ago

It will only backfire. All Warner will have to say is that in fact HDDVD offered them the money (if they actually did) or that nothing is true, and HD DVD will look even worse and a public backlash will occur.

If i was HD DVD right now i would just accept defeat and move on to cut your losses.
TANOD  +   2886d ago
@cyrus ----stop posting CRAP OK
Why would Warner take 500M from SONY when Warner has like 50% shares of the total 42B yearly revenues??

Warner is much bigger than all other studios combined including SONy and PARAMOUNT.

PLUS use for BD related news not some UNHEARD websites like this one
Cyrus365  +   2886d ago
Learn to read Tanod, it talks about HD Group leaking that they took the money, when it was them offering the money.

RudeSole Devil  +   2886d ago
Shut up
This was a format war, and war is war. Microsoft and Toshiba both where counting on HD-DVD to win, and should of countered Sony's offer. Microsoft of all the back stabbing companies knows this game the best. Where's you balls now Microsoft when HD-DVD needed you the most.

BTW Microsoft and Toshiba offered WB 400 million, so Sony whipped out there coc_ks and won the Format WAR, huge for Sony and the PS3.....
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Mainman  +   2886d ago
Microsoft wasn't counting on HD-DVD to win. They were counting on prolonging the format war.
Darkiewonder  +   2886d ago
Finding Nemo
That's all that needs to be said about that.

He can swim in my blue water anyday.
wallace1000  +   2886d ago
That is indeed a sweet movie, definitely worth picking up.
TruthBTold  +   2886d ago
I want the classics
on BluRay
GodsHand  +   2886d ago
Yes, wheres my Sword in the stone platinum edition blu-ray disc?
Xbrainer  +   2886d ago
when did this become a site for movie news? did i miss the memo?

EDIT: okay i understand that this may be good news to some people but why post every single article you see? Its doing nothing but spamming the site.
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resistance100  +   2886d ago
looks like it, but still if you notice your in the Tech/Industry section not gaming/ps3/360 etc sections

If you stay in the ps3/gaming/360/wii sections you won't notice these storys
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TruthBTold  +   2886d ago
dont like it...
dont read it. You act as if this is a pop up on your computer. You were aware that you do have the option to choose to read an article or not. Why waste your valuable time just posting in articles that dont interest you? I dont get it why people do that. There are more than just gaming articles in this website.
RudeSole Devil  +   2886d ago
Open your eyes
This is huge victory for the PS3. HUGE HUGE HUGE.
Maddens Raiders  +   2886d ago
Good God!!!! -
it's a Blu January!!!

Wow Sony, no risk no reward, huh? Well enjoy your *reward guys and thanks for the *risk!!! : P
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hotshot1237  +   2886d ago
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hotshot127  +   2886d ago
okay we know bluray and ps3 are gonna kick all arse now but PLEASE this news is getting annoying
sure i like shoving it down 360/hddvd fanboys throat but i think people have

shoved it down thier throat, pulled out their tounge, put it in dog **** and rubbed it back down again. then 360 fanboys had so much **** in them that now their speaking it and its coming out thier mouths so PLEASE STOP...........
Maddens Raiders  +   2886d ago
"360 fanboys had so much **** in them that now their speaking it and its coming out thier mouths so PLEASE STOP........... " -
LOL - that's funny man. But yeah that's a little scary and worrisome. I don't want them to like Blu-ray or the PS3 - I want them to continue to hate on it and talk crap, because it makes them who they are.
RudeSole Devil  +   2886d ago
And if HD-DVD won these threads would be filled for days of Xbox HD-DVD fanboy insults. This announcement was yesterday and if your under a rock for the last 2 years this victory is huge, why cant PS3 and Sony fans be very very happy to silence all of the Shi_t talking I had to read... Deal with it because Sony just won their Super Bowl.
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wallace1000  +   2886d ago
The problem is that fanboys on either side are a huge pain in the ass. If one side has a victory the other side with torment them and visa-versa. Good news or bad news will always be used to try and down or irritate the other side. I think that sometimes it isn't about getting good news for "your" side, it is about being able to throw it in someone else's face. Which in my opinion is pretty lame.
cmrbe  +   2886d ago
Funny you mentioned risk maddens
I remeber reading a Kaz interview in which he stated that at Sony they generally take more risk that competition. He mentioned that for the PS3 they would not just go down to a computer store and just slap together existing computer components to make their console. They would instead develop something new and innovative that will make their customers go "Wow" although it is alot more risky but they will do it.Innovation is their core. Glad its working for them.
Maddens Raiders  +   2886d ago
You're right -
Kutaragi-san was always a showman and risk taker and I hate that he's not at the helm right now at PS. Just imagine all the craaaaazzy quotes we'd be getting right *now. lol

But Sir Stringer, Jack, and Kaz stepped in and are doing a wonderful job imho.
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cmrbe  +   2886d ago
Alot of journalist and so called experts need to start writing apologies to Crazy Ken. They basically crucified him and Sony for including blu ray,cell and HDMI into the PS3. It was really sickening seeing a true innovator getting crucified for trying his best to give the best to customers.It still pisses me off when i think about it again.I mean anyone with half a brain knew the PS3 is the future. With the massive migration to HD displays,multicore programming and blu becoming the HD standard. Some sh*t heads are now starting to realize how right Ken was with his PS3 design.
Bathyj  +   2886d ago
I agree. They made Ken the scapegoat for all the problem Sony was having at the time, but just about everything he said or put in place is coming up Milhouse right now.

Its easy to confuse eccentricity with craziness. I hope he got a big fat dirty payout.
cmrbe  +   2886d ago
I don't really blame Sony
They had to let Ken go because of the media. Its the media, the analyst and so called professionals that at heart i am angry with.I expected more from them. I expected them to have the vision as experts to understand what Ken was trying to achieve and back him. Before the PS3 was out they were writing all short of crap about it being dead before it ever has a chance. I remember seeing articles from analyst about how Sony failed with the PS3 and how they can come back and so forth. I should dig them up and when the PS3 wins this console war as well i should list all of them again.
CrazzyMan  +   2886d ago
Kinda strange, WB goes blu and suddently Kutaragi is genius
i mean, where were all supporters like 1 year ago?

It`s sad that Kutaragi is out of buisness, now i don`t know what to expect from PS4 without him.

Anyway, Sony was always about future.
And some how, WB move all positive about PS3, but PS3 and blu would survive in any case.
No one would ignore 15-20 mln. userbase each year starting 2008.
And sony has it`s own studio. It would alway have atleast 30% market with it exclusive studios suporters. Not to mention, they also could pay money. They just couldn`t lose.
cmrbe  +   2886d ago
Crazy Ken
Is a genius no question. He designed the PS1,PS2 and PS3 which will win this console war as well. It never was alright with me when he left and especially the manner in which he left. I knew the day will come when all the decisions he made for the PS3 will be validated. This is only the beginning. A year from now everyone will look back and see how right he was and those who doubted him to put their foot in their mouth.
hotshot127  +   2886d ago
@madden. oh of course i dont want them to start leaving(even though some seemed to have
and of course i want them to hate sony, i want to see how long they can last.
i love hearing the ignorant comments(espicially as of lately)

i love hearing them all of a sudden want a bluray addon. its hilarious.

i love hearing bluray is the next betamax.

i lovED hearing sony would get beat 2 to 1 over the holidays(the mart and zhuck im looking at you)

i love hearing them say nothing to play (god is that old and stupid now)
i love hearing them talk about online when home and ingame xmb is right around the corner.

i love hearing one of the most pathectic excuses about them believing microsoft will own 2008.

but most of all, i love hearing them say sony and the ps3 will fail.......................... ................GOD I CANT WAIT TO COME BACK HERE IN JANUARY OF 09 AND (while i still dont think their gonna be on top............YET) 360 fanboys WILL know for sure who's gonna come out on top. all this bad news microsoft is getting is ONLY the beggining and 360 fanboys feel it coming. im just gonna sit back and watch. bubbles by the way. we have to keep the supporters going.
RudeSole Devil  +   2886d ago
This is a huge victory for Sony and PS3.
Maddens Raiders  +   2886d ago
Ha -
I'll be in here in January '09 too hotshot. ; )
hotshot127  +   2886d ago
trust me i really dont care and i KNOW WHAT WOULDVE HAPPENED HAD THIS BEEN HDDVD.

but i should change my words, i dont MIND that this news is coming in, i just want to know more about gaming news ALSO. but hey, im glad thier so pissed today because it feels so good not to have turned my back on the playstion brand like LIGHTNING did and i feel i just made it through the storm and i see a MUCH brighter future now. i gurantee you, ps3s next christmas will sell almost 3 to 4 times as much as the 360.(yes it will outsell it in america soon enough)
wallace1000  +   2886d ago
I find it very sad that some people are happy that other people may now have an obsolete piece of hardware. There is nothing wrong with being really happy that the side you support won a huge victory, but being happy because someone else is at a loss because of this news isn't cool. I returned all my HD DVD related goods today so that i can buy a blu-ray player but many people won't be as lucky as me. I feel bad for these people.
cmrbe  +   2886d ago
I am sure most here feel sorry for those on the loosing end. I think some comments are more or less aimed at HD-DVD fanboys which most are x360 fanboys because they have given us PS fans and PS fanboys hell the whole of last year and i mean complete hell.For me personally i think them losing this round is enough punsihment for all the attacks i endured from them last year so i haven't called them out or rub it in. Besides its is low to hit someone when they are down.
Tryst  +   2886d ago
I think by you taking all your HD DVD equipment back and replacing it with Blu-ray has hit home with me exactly how much of an effect this whole Warner Bros going Blu has done.

I literally bet there are 1000's of people like you who have done this.

I have been Pro Blu all along, but as happy as I was to read the news yesterday, I still deep down feel some compassion for the losers in this.
unlimited  +   2886d ago
more disney movies for my collection..
KidMakeshift  +   2886d ago
I want The Incredibles on Blu-Ray. I'm surprised Disney's releasing Sleeping Beauty in Blu-Ray before Snow White since that's Disney's first animated movie
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Xbox is the BEST  +   2886d ago
worry Blu Ray will die next. 8 million Blu Ray players out and no movie cracked a million yet. There is even more BR players out that movies sold and the new 2.0 standalones will not be mass market price for another 3-4 years.
doshey  +   2886d ago
someone still sad cause hd dvd is done for oh how sad
#14.1 (Edited 2886d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Maddens Raiders  +   2886d ago
Please stop copying and pasting -
the same stupid comment all over the place. Your approach is as old, lame, and stale as your name and console of adoration.
Cyrus365  +   2886d ago
Don't worry to those who think 360 fans have left, as soon as PS3 "rumored" exclusive like another mgs 4 to 360 rumor, or the announcement of 360 ultimate, they'll be back in full force.
Domer25  +   2886d ago
So what!
WHO CARES! Sony's backed in a corner. Lost TV's to samsung, Lost MP3 players to Apple, MUST dish out to save face. MS is still open to evolve the 360 to their consumer needs. If i were toshiba, And pissed off enough i would state the inferiority of the cell architecture, which they co developed publicly; with real R&R spec sheets from tests. Wouldn't that be a b!tch? But that would be me, so who cares.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   2886d ago
But that's exactly why its not you my friend, What you just described is just a perfect example or a little B!tch. You pay some companies to get your way, and when you lose, you snitch and make your own product look bad? sorry, that's not called being a "little b!tch" its called being a "stupid little b!tch" and thats why they wont do it, you lose all the credibility you had to be in the CORPORATE BUSSINESS WORLD.
ScottEFresh  +   2886d ago
Bridge to Tarebithia made me cry I'm not going to lie about it.
kittoo  +   2886d ago
Me too.......
I too cried in this movie. Its my favorite movie. Already own on DVD, will get on Blu ray when comes out. It isnt out yet right?

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