Apple sued for not supporting WMA

Console Central writes, "The new year is here as well as the lawsuits for big named companies. A person who shall remained unnamed because I dont want her to gain recognition from anyone has sued Apple for not allowing iPods to support the WMA format."

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Darkiewonder3609d ago

I don't see how Apple HAVE to support WMA if they don't want to?

This is just crazy.

gamesR4fun3609d ago

why should they ever have to use any format if they dont want too sic

drewdrakes3609d ago

They dont have to, this lawsuit is stupid. Although Apple should consider it. Taking into account all of their codecs suck. I hate Quicktime and Apple software always adds mysterious services to my computer. One time iTunes screwed up my computer and i could play ANY sound, at all.

IntelligentAj3609d ago

I don't like apple but this lawsuit has no legs and is stupid on it's face. There are plenty of other choices that support WMA just get one of those(creative is one of the best). Don't blame apple because they don't want to support MS's format.

BrianC62343609d ago

Just what we need, another lame lawsuit. I blame the courts though. They just won't throw these stupid lawsuits out. Everyone deserves their day in court. Right. Maybe Apple should file a lawsuit against this nimrod for wasting their time.

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TheExodus3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Hey, bonehead, if WMA was so important to you why didn't you buy a Zune? Oh, that's right, no money in that.

EDIT: Thinking about suing Nintendo now because they don't support 360 & PS3 games.

resistance1003609d ago

Sounds like a plan to me, im in lol

shadowfish3609d ago

Here come the bubbles for you.

Hitman_Legend3609d ago

It would be like me buying a VCR and then suing that company which made the VCR for not supporting the DVD format...

BrianC62343609d ago

I think I'll sue Microsoft because I wasted $259 on my upgrade to Vista. Why doesn't Microsoft give me OS X 10.5 Leopard for my Windows computer? I'm mad. I want Leopard right now.

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Bonsai12143609d ago

i could understand if apple only supported ACC and apple lossless, but since they support mp3, which is considered the universal format, it makes no sense.

Karebear3609d ago

I should sue since it doesn't support .ogg format!

Ogg Vorbis forever! My entire collection is in it. Open source, licensing free, drm free.

I will never buy a player that doesn't support .ogg. And yes, I do not own an ipod :P

Ok this is sort of tongue in cheek here. They can support whatever they want to support. Its my choice as a consumer to pick or not pick them because of it. The argument that they have a monopoly on players is just silly.

moveteam3609d ago

Actually iTunes converts the WMA files for you.

These crazy lawsuits - exclusive in US :P

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The story is too old to be commented.