What are 2012's most hyped games?

2012 has a lot of big releases, but which ones are going to be most hyped. Take a look at the list of usual suspects.

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RaidensRising2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

That's quite the amazing list of games for 2012. Whilst I was aware of the majority, seeing it listed as such makes me realise that those will probably be the only game I actually may buy this year.

Only ones I am uncertain of are Lollipop Chainsaw and Fable: the Journey. I've heard some good things about Lollipop though, and what I've seen of The Journey looks good, as with anything Kinect I like to try before I buy though.

dark-hollow2420d ago

Bioshock infinite. No question.

omi25p2420d ago

For me its

Bioshock: Infinite
Grand Theft Auto V
Hitman: Absolution
Halo 4
Max Payne 3
Tomb Raider
The Last of Us

badz1492420d ago

At the moment, AC3 is at the top of the hype game!

Gaming1012419d ago

GTA5 is coming out May 2013 ^ or at least that's what its ex employees are saying which quite frankly is the most realistic target given we're already into Q2 and we've seen nothing but a trailer so far, I mean hello, finishing it for a November release would mean manufacturing starts in September, which means the game needs to be done in August, does anyone think the game can be finished completely with a mere 5 months left of dev time? I didn't think so.

LX-General-Kaos2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Xenoblade Chronicles for me personally

This Nintendo Wii exclusive is said by many to be the greatest jrpg of this generation, and possibly all time.

From the list.. Halo 4

Rated E For Everyone

irepbtown2419d ago

GTA5 could very well be finished. We dont know, though I think 2012 release day is unrealistic simply because of Max Payne 3.

Anyway, most hyped is by far Bioshock, but GTA5 is also hyped quite a bit though I know they'll deliver so no problems there.

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2419d ago
NeXXXuS2419d ago

Suda 51 is working on Lollipop Chainsaw which is a really good thing. :D


i'm waiting to see how lollipop chainsaw is going to turn out. from the preview and new trailer i can assume suda borrowed some ideas from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

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Sanetoshi2420d ago

Lollipop Chainsaw seems one of the more interesting ones on the list, but I'm not sure I'll get it. Just not sure I want to play a game that assumes I'm a straight ephebophile like so many of their intended audience are.

Bebedora2420d ago

ephebofile: A person sexually intrested in teenagers or younger persons. Some kind of pseudo-pedo.

Now you are just guessing here.

Krugsy2419d ago

I think its a reasonable assumption...just look at the marketing, and inspirations of the game. But like I said, it still is an assumption.

Sanetoshi2418d ago

When the game's writer talks about, "Who doesn't want to see a high school cheerleader with lots of pantyshots," then, yes, as that is ephebophilia, they are making a statement as to their intended audience all being ephebophiles.

gamer78042419d ago

So "Males", you mean. Typically Males are attracted to younger females while females are attracted to older males.

Generally speaking that is.

Krugsy2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Well, more specifically, ephebophilia is the attraction to mid to late adolescents (15-19). So, it's not referring to just any younger person, but rather someone who fits into that age bracket. So a fifty year old man who is attracted to a much younger 26 year old, is not a ephebophilliac.

I think the game is "possibly" attracting the ephebophillia crowd as Juliet is a hyper sexualised character which is described as a high-school cheerleader, which means she fits within that age bracket of 15-19. But like I said above,I don't think the game makers are assuming all of their target audience are all ephebolille's, BUT, it could there could be an argument that they are.

I could go into the argument that it's a cultural issue, but that would possibly take too long.

Here's an oldie but a goodie.

Bebedora2417d ago

You have to define age of that audience, including yourself in that statement.

ritsuka6662420d ago

So far only for Ghost recon future soldier and new Amnesia game. The rest I'm just kind of hyped for.

EditorAtGNG2420d ago

The amount of "The Last of Us" hype is getting ridiculous. They released a couple of screens that aren't even showing actual gameplay and people (and media representatives) are getting their pants in a twist. What the hell? I mean sure, it is Naughty Dog but you don't need to treat them like they'll be delivering the second coming of Jesus... seriously.

Soldierone2419d ago

It's coming from Naughty Dog....they don't need to release every last detail for people to get excited about it....its Naughty Dog....

Foliage2419d ago


Step back and think for a second why it is that you are so butthurt over this game.

That dust on your 360 must be going into your system, and affecting your brain. If anyone is an idiot here, it is you.

Your example makes absolutely no sense. The true equivalence would be for Lamborghini to show a preview for their upcoming car, you haven't driven it.. but that doesn't stop you from knowing it will be pure quality. Naughty Dog doesn't disappoint. They haven't made it to the top of the development chain for no reason.

You should go back and watch the VIDEO that was shown. They had gameplay in it. That might shock you, since you're not used to that level of graphics. The camera was likely moved for cinematic reasons, but use your imagination... if you brain is capable of such things.

Foliage2419d ago

Why don't you whine about Halo 4?

The game is being made by a completely different studio, based off a series that made it to where it is off of hype and millions in ads. People are hyped for it, yet nothing much has been shown (although, no doubt it will be just like the rest of the other SD Halo's, since the ceiling has been hit on the 360 years ago).

Fanboys might not piss you off as much, if you for a second considered how much of a bigger fanboy you are. It will come with age, young one.

humbleopinion2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Wow Foliage, you really are a troll huh?
Hawk made a note about an unknown IP which we don't even know how it will play and don't know when it will be released. Why bringing Halo into the equation where it's a completely different topic... a new studio perhaps but people are obviously aware of what it's gonna play like: a Halo game.

But with comments like, "where it is off of hype and millions in ads", "the rest of the other SD Halo's", "the ceiling has been hit on the 360 years ago"... I'm surprised that your comment hasn't been bubbled down for trolling yet. Don't be such a fanboy.

It's OK I guess, as but you will have to live with the fact that there are people who find Halo Reach graphics superior to those of Uncharted 2, and followed by claims that this is where the PS3 has peaked and how Uncharted can't even run the cinematics in realtime...
For every trolling arguments there's a counter-argument. Are you that butthurt just because Halo is a popular game?

Soldierone2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

@Hawk so its against the rules to be excited about something? Or is it against the rules because its a PS3 game?

Just because they haven't shown off a whole lot, they still talked about the tech and ideas for the game....Its not like people are hyping the next Angry Birds, its friggin Naughty Dog...their games haven't been horrible at all, so why not get excited?

You saw the commercials for Hunger Games and people got excited for that too...Call it what you want, its just people getting excited for a good game.

@Above, so just because Halo is a known name makes it completely okay? Makes no sense to me. Its a new studio and a new game, I'd assume they would do something new with the franchise. What about when Rage was coming out, we didn't know a whole lot at first but people still went nuts because it was ID making it. We don't know anything about Doom 4 yet people get all giddy at anything from that. Face the truth that they are just trolling the game because its a PS3 exclusive.

irepbtown2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

This is Naughty Dog we are talking of here...
If anyone is delivering the second coming of Jesus ITS THEM.

Anyway, the first comment was the stupid one. The last of us is getting hype because the last couple of Years ND have been working only on Uncharted. So for them to say they are making a new game that isn't Uncharted then showing us the trailer, I dont see why there isnt MORE hype.

We've seen enough from the trailer, and have READ enough from ND themselves explaining parts of the story to ASSUME this will be a masterpiece. The Lamborghini example was actually spot on.

SilentNegotiator2419d ago

Naughty Dog has had nothing but hits since the 90s.

While I encourage people not to believe any studio infallible, I can't say it's entirely unreasonable to be excited early on for a game that is being made by a studio with so many types of games over the years and made none any less than exceptional.

And as has been said, no one is complaining about Halo 4's hype, and that's even from an unproven new studio that's only made map packs, remastered Combat Evolved, and controls waypoint. I wonder why people would complain about a ps3 exclusive we know little about from a studio we know so much about and not about the same thing for a 360 exclusive from a brand new developer with no significant projects....Hmmmm.....

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Hawkhunter122419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )


I agree.

Krugsy2419d ago

I think Naughty Dog have earned it. Just like I think Budgie and Ken Levine have earned it. The hype is there because of the past efforts of the game company and the reputation they have amongst gaming fans and the media whole.

It's the same excitement people have when Martin Scorsese or Wes Anderson are making a movie. And even if the film they make ends up being bad, the hype was still justified because of their pedigree.

People will get excited about people and games they believe in, why be so bitter about it?

Game4life2419d ago

but what if it was the second coming O_o

EditorAtGNG2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )


But in all seriousness.

First of all stop flambaiting Halo 4 into a Last of Us discussion. Yes, you think Halo 4 is overhyped but don't start a flame war by comparing the two. My comment was on Naughty Dog's new game ALONE so keep it civil (but if I am obliged to give an opinion on Halo 4 as well, let me just state that I think it is nowhere near The last of us in terms of hype... check the "degrees" meter on N4G or the posts made for each game, and you'll see the result).

On topic: I can understand why people are so inclined to hype this game to oblivion and YES some of those points are entirely valid. However, I am yet to remind you all that not much has been known for this game in order to make such wild prediction that it will be SO AWESOME IT WILL BE GOTY OMG! I agree that Uncharted is a great series and Naughty Dog is an awesome development studio and everything they make should be awaited with much interest but let's be honest - they aren't alone out there (tons of studios having tons of new material incoming like Valve or Blizzard) and they are making an exclusive for just one console (I am probably going to incur the wrath of the PS3 fanboys with this one but whatever). That fact alone should be enough for people to be objective every once in a while (since, hey, even Valve and Blizzard had some failed experiments in the past so... yeah).

Game4life2418d ago

I never said anything was overhyped. It is gonna probably be though. Anyway I was just joking so no hard feelings or anything. I'm looking forward to both halo 4 and the last of us but probably the last of us more just because im not sure what to expect.

lover20122419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

lol so people who loved ND games have no right to get hyped or excited for this new ip???
when was the last game that ND made and didn't won GOTY awards this gen i know for a fact both uncharted 2 and 3 won alot of goty awards and both cleaned all the gfx awards on consoles???
and yet you didn't say any thing about halo 4 the same old ip with unknown new studio we don't know a damn thing about them all they did was map packs

i don't get your fanboys agrees at all
all i see a butthurt fanboys that will never see the new ips Sony keep bumping out and they get excited over the same old ip
how many halo did we see this gen on xbox360
halo odst
halo wars
halo reach
and now halo 4

yay M$ is teh bestz


"as but you will have to live with the fact that there are people who find Halo Reach graphics superior to those of Uncharted 2, and followed by claims that this is where the PS3 has peaked and how Uncharted can't even run the cinematics in realtime"

lol i bet those are the same people who claim that alan wake will beat uncharted 2 in gfx
the same blind fanboys

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Summons752420d ago

a lot of those games are on my must buy list. Max Pain 3 and Hitman I'll pass on and Im unsure of Lollipop but definitely the rest

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