Accessories won't save Kid Icarus: Uprising

Nintendo's love of releasing new and under-supported accessories hits an all-time low with Kid Icarus: Uprising.

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THR1LLHOUSE2446d ago

You've gotta sort of hand it to Nintendo for kinda acknowledging the shortcomings of their system, but this whole stand thing is so bizarre.

ronin4life2446d ago

I wasn't aware that it needed saving.
The controls are just fine: the problem seems to be on the user end, not the game itself. The fact that most reviewers praise the game greatly while those that are critical completely pan it is proof of this.

PopRocks3592444d ago

I find it funny that I enjoyed the game for what it was and am able to play it pretty well without the need for the stand. The problem is the players, not the game itself. It's like getting mad at a fighting game for having complex combos or Halo's Legendary difficulty.