Always On-Internet Requirement For Xbox 720? Not A Problem At All (Analysis)

Techtorial: Here's an analysis showing why Xbox 720's alleged 'always on-internet' requirement is an essential feature for players in general, contrary to some fuss given by critiques.

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Snookies122447d ago

That would soooo not work for me... I get some bad wireless in my room, it goes in and out at times and that would just be a deal breaker for buying the system. For me at least...

Dante1122447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

I know right, and you know MS will charge you a fee to play on Live again as well (MS thinks they're slick). What's even crazier is that you won't be able to even play single player games or any games at all if you have a internet outage. What if Live has an outage? If true, I'm gonna have a hard time deciding whether I should buy the next Microsoft console.

Edit: Hey Snook, check this out lol.

"Always Online Requirement Will Be The Future

This reality may be a hard thing to swallow if it was seven years ago; when even having a stable DSL connection seems to be a luxury. However, the situation is highly-different today. We now have vast resources to implement more structures on providing WiFi connection on our homes. And nope, I am not talking about U.S, U.K and Canada only, but this implementation has even reached those third world countries.

Of course, you can always insert the dilemma “of not having an internet connection” would mean not being able to play Xbox 720. But two years from now, that issue would appear more of a trivial one especially when almost all homes will have their WiFi connection ready."

Yeah, I'm sure those third world countries will have the top high speed internet provider that hardly ever drops in two years, right lol?

GraveLord2447d ago

You can always get another modem specifically for your console. There are also devices that are supposed to increase the range of Wi-Fi.

Anyway I see what the problem is for you, but for most people it shouldn't be a problem unless they have dial up.

dark-hollow2447d ago

What is an Xbox 720?
Did I miss the announcement?

EVERY rumor about the new consoles are just stabs at the dark to generate some hits!
I thought people would figure that out already!

NewVegasTroop2447d ago

not everyone has internet even in the US, and what about gamers from other countries? from third world countries? what about then? if microsoft or sony have this then i would just stay with the old school consoles and a good PC

thebudgetgamer2447d ago

That would cut out like 25% of their current customers.

Megaton2447d ago

Huge problem. That stuff doesn't even fly on PC. That was the reason everyone absolutely HATED Ubisoft's DRM, ultimately forcing them to change it.

decrypt2447d ago

Yea but that is Pc gamers u are talking about. they will actually stand up speak up for their rights. Console gamers on the other hand will take it up the hind just like usual.

History has a way of repeating it self:

console gamers agree to pay to go online

console gamers agree to pay a premium over every game bought

console gamers have no problem with their games not supporting mods even though it is possible on this gen of consoles.

Console gamers agree to pay for maps and weapon skins which really can just be user mods.

Bottomline is console gamers dont stand up for their rights. instead they will blindly defend their fav console maker even if their rights are being effected. hence a small no of console gamers may whine on these forums however the masses will jump on board.

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