GamesTM: Sine Mora review

Modern shoot-’em-ups have lost their way. As much as we love the bullet hell shooters popularised by Cave and their peers, the term ‘shoot-’em-up’ hardly applies at all, since in most cases these games can be completed without shooting any enemies. Weaving in between curtains of bullets is the order of the day in the modern age, to the extent that ‘avoid-’em-up’ may well be a more suitable name for the genre. Sine Mora feels like an antidote to that.

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JellyJelly2450d ago

This gem of a game took me by surprise. It's one of the best shooters ever made and everyone with an Xbox 360 should be sure not to miss it.

baodeus2449d ago

yeah same here. After hearing some great reviews on it, i bought it and have been in love with it since. LOVE SMUP genra.