Working Angry Rant: Capcan't

Capcom is coming under heat after Street Fighter X Tekken was revealed to have 12 DLC characters already sitting on the game disc waiting to be unlocked. But is the problem the fighters themselves or how Capcom handled the situation? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look!

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Nodoze2295d ago

The problem is Crapcom. They have done fu#k all this generation and are hell bent on losing even more fans. Crapcom has adopted a profit above all else philosophy (also in play at Square Enix). I will say that Crapcom is not as bad as Enix, but they are really really bad this generation.

Let's hold out to see if they retain their fan base.

bobrea2295d ago

Calling them "capcan't" doesn't work unless their name was "Capcan."

StayStatic2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

I Guess ***puts on sunglasses***

CAPinCOMpetent would be more appropriate ? ;)

Fylus2295d ago

Article picture kinda looks like Misha Collins.

On topic, I agree with Nodoze. Capcom is trolling the sh*t out of their fans lately. They need to get their acts together.

pyramidxboy2294d ago

Does anyone know what the sales numbers are for Street Fighter X Tekken?