Retronomicon: Resident Evil Code: Veronica

This week the Retronomicon is heading to the Dreamcast to take a look at one of the truly under-rated gems of the Resident Evil series! Join 411’s Lee Price as he examines the superb Resident Evil Code: Veronica!

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ritsuka6661937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Game is overrated IMO,it is scarier than all the RE that came after it, but that's just because this game still handles like an archaic game from the nineties, I loved the games when I was a kid but theyre crap to play nowadays.

Son_Lee1937d ago

I wish every RE game before 4 could be remade with RE4's perspective and modern controls. That would be amazing.

rogimusprime1937d ago

well, the gamecube RE came out after code veronica, and it was much Scarier.

kingnick1937d ago

Using an Action Replay/Codebreaker/Gameshark code you can play the entirety of Resident Evil Code Veronica on PS2 (and other platforms too most likely) from a first person point of view.

Because the game wasn't designed to be played like this there is missing effects, textures and other graphical oddities.

It is less scary and you notice how dated the graphics are from a first person point of view.

Later third person shooter Resident Evils aren't scary at all.

aDDicteD1937d ago

code veronica was the best RE