CVG: Assassin's Creed 3 Multiplayer: What we want to see

CVG: Ubisoft has seemingly gotten serious this time, throwing the pleasantly elaborate lifestyle of 15th century Italy out the window in favour of the brutal American Revolution. War is on the home soil, tearing through the landscape and changing inner workings of an entire country.

The details remain slim for now, but from what we've seen we're trusting Ubisoft to deliver a 'proper' sequel; after all, Assassin's 3 has been in development since Assassin's Creed 2 was released all the way back in 2009. For now though, we're free to speculate what we want from AC3 to make sure it's the biggest and best franchise entry to date.

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Darth Gamer2451d ago

How about NONE and they concentrait on an incredible single player game. Not every damn game needs multi.

Reborn2450d ago

Well, MP will be there. It won't go. Its built up its own base of players.

I don't play it. But hey, if it doesn't ruin the SP, sure. (hmm)

MrMister2450d ago

Sorry bro, but Assassins Creeds multiplayer is award winning, original, and like no other online game in existence. It's great fun too.

Besides, the MP of every AC online game has been handled by a different team, dedicated just to Ubisifts online gaming. Why do you morons always assume that MP hurts campaign, especially when another team handles it? Stop being so narrow minded, and learn the facts before you post.

BigDollarZoe9542450d ago

well said enjoy the multiplayer very much something different from our first person shooters in the market


Boobs Dammit!!!!!!!! that's what we need to see

BushLitter2450d ago

Add truth puzzles to SP then worry about MP - OR add Truth Puzzles to MP!