Spec Ops: The Line lead designer: ‘we didn’t want just another brown shooter’

Spec Ops: The Line lead designer Cory Davis has said that ‘grungy brown environments’ are all too common these days, and that the beauty of Dubai means his shooter won’t fall into that trap.

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dark-hollow2449d ago

This screams generic military shooter.

Oldman1002449d ago

The character design of the shaved headed main protagonist is very original and creative. He also sounds nothing like Nathan Drake or every other recent main protagonist voiced by Nolan North.


this screams rated E for everyone

bumnut2449d ago

Ive played Fps games since Doom, an Fps has to be something special to get my money now.

Tired genre! try something new!

brettyd2448d ago

well good thing this isn't a FPS then..

AngelicIceDiamond2449d ago

Then the game gets released, the reviewers say the infamous. "Spec ops has some originality, but comes short in in most areas." Hes talkin about the environment I understand, but sometimes you need to borrow other popular mechanics that's hot in FPS games now, in order to at least be somewhat familiar feel in this game.

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