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The magic of Disney-Pixar video games!
Xbox 360 version tested.

Microsoft Studios has opened Disneyland Adventures Kinect the vein of Disney-themed games and continues now with Kinect Rush: Adventure Disney-Pixar, title developed by Asobo Studio for Xbox 360 motion sensor.

The title was prepared by inserting context as the main active participation in the adventures of the movie Toy Story, UP!, 2 Cars, Ratatouille and The Invincibles.

The development team has created a sort of playground where there are several children's play with the setting that recalls the well-known films. The player is approaching and interacting with other children, starts to play and their imagination will catapult into various adventures.

Five well-known enough to ensure the film so much fun?

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EasilyTheBest2445d ago

Yes a Kinect Title with a great score and again hardly any comments in here.
Funny that.
Im sure if it was given a 3/10 there would be a 100 comments about how hopeless Kinect is.

MoFo11112445d ago

All the haters dont want to accept that they got it wrong about the Kinect

Tai_Kaliso2445d ago

This game proved a lot of Kinect haters wrong for a couple of reasons. It got a solid score from everywhere and its not on rails.

I was pretty sick of hearing how Kinect could only do on rails games.

So far I've played Kinect Star Wars, which has some rails but isn't fully on rails at all, Kinect Rush, Haunt and Rise Of Nightmares that all were fully functioning.