Sony Spends One & A Half Million Pounds On Vita Ads Over Easter

"It has been revealed that Sony are set to put forward a significant £1.5m in advertising for the PlayStation Vita over the Easter period."

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MoFo11112423d ago

Thats really not a lot.Microsoft spent 500 million advertising the Kinect
Better than nothing i guess

mushroomwig2423d ago

I suppose the difference between exclusives says it all, while Microsoft spends a lot on advertising, Sony spend a lot acquiring exclusive games for their console.

manman62423d ago

Sony have some of the best games out there but if no one heard of them they would never get the recognition they deserve.

GraveLord2423d ago

The Kinect budget wasn't just for the holiday period. It was for the whole year and that includes flying people all over the world to give interviews and E3 and stuff like that. But yeah MS has much more money to spend, that's not a surprise, we already knew that.

AmaZinG2423d ago

MS has many money to throw away in ads and Sony not so much.

Vita needs ads but also Holiday Software like Call of duty , Assassins Creed , God of War and more to move Consoles.

It deserves to sell.

Chaostar2423d ago

There's loads of bus stop Vita ads where I'm from with a brilliant quote from someone...

"I may never touch a game on my iPhone again"

Don't know how effective that really is as far as marketing goes but I just thought it was pretty ballsy for a Sony ad.

Reborn2423d ago

Saw those all over The Strand.

dark-hollow2423d ago

I don't know about the US but here in the uk Sony platforms are more advertised than MS's.

Wintersun6162423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Same thing here in Finland. Everywhere you go there's Vita ads, but there's Xbox 360 ads in game stores only.

Unexpecta2423d ago

I see the PSVita as an underdog to consoles and handheld consoles.

It's a device that's waiting for the train, and as soon as it gets on, nothing's stopping it because that train has no brakes.

Chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga-PSVit aaaaaaaaaaa!

SpinalRemains1382423d ago

Yeah it's so far ahead of the competition with a great price. i really don't see how it can fail. Anyone who says that they dislike Vita has definitely never played on one. It's so good it's ridiculous.