First Details Revealed on SEGA's Incredible Hulk Game

Via Ripten:

"We had the chance to sit down for a lengthy chat with Edge of Reality Creative Director, Mark Nau, and discuss his career, the industry, the upcoming Incredible Hulk videogame, and much more."

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picker3323605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Just gonna be sh!tty like every game that have been made by a movie.
Ok then,name one,just name one good game that have being made by a movie!
& i don't mean animation movies like ff7:ac.

ChickeyCantor3605d ago

was after the storyline of the mentioning that was pretty stupid?

MK_Red3605d ago

Eh, this story is about a game based on a movie not a movie based on a game. FF:AC was a movie based on a game.

In case of movie based games, Riddick is a shining example that they CAN be good and fun.

belfastga3605d ago

I don't know. I'm still waiting for the day when a good one comes along, myself. But then again, few characters/licenses lend themselves to gameplay like The Hulk does.

Crackdown, fun as it was, is a near rip of the whole Hulk concept. If that can do well, why not the big green guy?

GameOn3605d ago

AvP2 was a great game online and of.
I know it isnt really based on a film because there wasnt an AvP film back then. On the other hand it was based off of 2 films and then later had a film made based on it.

Games based on films can be as good as any other game. they just usually arnt.

MK_Red3604d ago

AvP2 was really great and it could be counted but it was mostly based on the AVP comic books.

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Nostradavis3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

So this game has failed before it has even come out? Is that what you are saying? Maybe you guys should give Edge and Mark a little more credit.

He seems like a very bright individual who understands the industry very well.

Cutter203605d ago

Saying what is required for a good game is like saying "what color should food be". Hilarious!

Great interview, fun read. Definitely check it out.

wardrox3605d ago

Games from films tend to be hit or miss. i think I'll wait for the reviews before spending my hard earned monies.

Fun interview though, worth a quick read.

mintaro3605d ago

i hope it's good, mostly for the sake of SEGA

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