New Line Cinema Drops HD DVD as Well

Henning Molbaek writes, "It is now clear that New Line (Owned by Warner Bros.) will also drop HD DVD in favor of Blu-ray. The announcement comes on a day that can only be described as a nightmare for the HD DVD camp."

"This means that from May 2008 no titles from New Line and Warner Bros. will be released on HD DVD."

"The reason for the May 2008 date is that Warner Bros. is currently under contract to deliver titles on the HD DVD format. The contract ends on that date."

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Hatchetforce3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Whoever is trying to kill this news go fuk yourself. You delete a story that is proff positive? Screw you coward. You aren't stopping it. New Line says they are Bluray exclusive:

Lord of the Discs welcomes The Return of the King - Sony

TANOD3728d ago

hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhaaaaa aaaa

even BLOODMASK is approving HD DVD -death related stories.

However ROUND PEG remains x360s LONE CRUSADER against SONY TARDS

unlimited3728d ago

haha..well its funny everybody attacking eachotehr but sony fans get the last laugh..

this is history everyone!! lord of the rings on blu ray..cant wait for dark knight and i am legend..and soon transformers!!!

drtysouf 213728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )


resistance1003728d ago


Yes bloodmask is an xbox 'fanboy' however if you look he does post alot of negitive xbox/HDDVD news. He is a fairly good contributor most of the time.

Still credit to POG and Bloodmask, at least they seem to be taking this defeat on the chin

xplosneer3728d ago

Round Peg was the one who posted the Warner news in the first place. :|

ActionBastard3728d ago

Bloodmask and POG: I really enjoy the fact you were wrong. All your theories, all you predictions = FAIL. I just wanted to thank you.

Hatchetforce3728d ago

If Bloodmask is so up and up, ask them about trying to delete this story. I post a tip about this. Within 2 minutes it becomes a pending story. Then the pending story is deleted. A few minutes later this story pops up.

My original tip was with the link I posted above. This is BS. They kill a story they don't like.

They also kill it so they can find another source, tip it, and get the points for that. Bloodmask and his ilk aren't interested in news per se. He is a little panty waste, point grubbing twat who should have his privleges revoked. This isn't the first time a tip has been posted and they have went in to find a different link. Despite the regulations of the board saying use the link from which you found the stroy, do not back track it. Yet they do.

e is a punk, pure and simple. The good news is 2008 is going to be the year he eats alot more pride and gets slapped royally by Sony.

wallace10003728d ago

When you have two sides like this someone will end up being wrong. If you are wrong you take it like a man, and if you are right don't be a tool about it. That is how it should go. Turns out my theory about both formats being around for a while is shot :-P

tatotiburon3728d ago

i want star wars saga in blu-ray, bring it on George

Flying_Squirrel3728d ago

Yes, the Star Wars saga on Blu Ray would be great. I also wouldn't mind seeing the Jason Bourne trilogy come across as well and Lord of the Rings and, and, well, in fact I want EVERYTHING on blu ray.

While I had no issues with HD DVD, I'm glad that one format has now been decided and we can move forward.

Kaneda3728d ago

The Matrix will come to blu?

NEO_X3727d ago


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Neurotoxin3728d ago

Yawn Yawn Yawn.... This site has turned into news on Bloody HD Related cack or Fanboyish Rumur Mungering on Bioshock,MGS4 and Mass Effect.

Please no more. If its Actually CONFIRMED by the Company then fair enough, but enough is enough....

unlimited3728d ago

Jan 2008 death of hddvd!!

funolopy3728d ago

<"man this is MADNESS"