Crytek: ‘PC is our next-generation, way ahead of other platforms’

Crytek GM Nick Button-Brown has said that “PC is our next-generation” and that they’re already ‘way ahead’ of other next-generation platforms.

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andibandit2448d ago

Problably still wont beat Uncharted 3

geth1gh2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Hmm? Crysis 1 maxed on pc beats uncharted 3. The hard evidence is there ladies and gentlemen. It's not just a opinion. There is a reason these pcs are $3000 and the 6 year old consoles are only $300. So if you want to show your console fanboisim and your lower iq, then please hit the disagree button.

If your just a console gamer you can't notice these things by just watching youtube videos because the compression really kills the quality.

I used to think unchrated 2 and 3 where just as good as any pc game, until I got a pc, sat on it playing bf3 for a month, and then tried to pick up uncharted again.

I mean the game looks good, but when comparing it to the pc it truley is almost a generation behind.

My mind was blown, textures that I used to think looked amazing looked like crap compared to my time on the pc.

JsonHenry2448d ago

You mean medium settings @1280*720 beats uncharted.

fluffydelusions2448d ago

$3000? You can build a rig for a round $500 that will blow consoles away with ease

RedDead2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Yopu can get 3000 quid Pc's that blow Consoles out of the water. You can get 700 quid PC's that will also blow consoles out of the water. Just that the 3000 PC also blow the 700 PC's out of the water...if you know what I mean. Any gaming PC that costs 700(including Windows 7 etc) will destroy the consoles Now. 5 years makes that big of a difference.

Even just 2 years makes a massive difference. Not even two years. 8800GTX > Consoles. That came out the same year as Ps3. Then each one releases and the gapo keeps getting bigger. Anyhow, you only 'need' a 700 doller PC to High-Max(depending on what FPS you want) most games out now for PC.

Spydiggity2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

i'd say i'm in disbelief at andibandit's comment...but that's par for the course for most ppl on this website. people are simply willfully ignorant. they LOVE not knowing anything. it allows them to make blind statements like that. reminds me of liberals. "UNCHARTED 3 IS THE BEST LOOKING GAME OF ALL TIME!" "MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT!"

I really look forward to seeing what Crytek is capable of in the next couple years on PC. I just turned on Crysis a few weeks ago (having played nothing but console for the previous couple months) and i was still blown away. There isn't a game on console that can touch Crysis 1 or Farcry 2.

EDIT: And you know what. Watch 2 videos side by side of Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 in action...even that is night and day. Uncharted is really just an incredibly overrated series. I'm so tired of people propagating this myth that Uncharted is the epitome of console graphics. it's not.

the problem is...people think cutscenes = graphics. and naughty dog have mastered the art of tricking dumb ppl into thinking the in-game quality matches the cutscene quality. they do an excellent job with their transitions. and i'm not saying it's a bad game...or an ugly one. just that it's HUGELY overrated.

Baka-akaB2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Imo it's a case of wishful thinking and people confusing the actual tech behind those game and art design .

It's obvious that stuff like Crysis kills Uncharted .. how the hell should it not anyway ?

However i much prefer the art direction and the way design is handled in some of the console blockbusters on both 360 and pc , over the current PC ones wich rely more instead on their godly raw power and tech .

I've only been blown away in 2011 on pc by the art direction of stuff like the Witcher 2 , day-one multiplatform releases , and a few "indie" titles

humbleopinion2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

While I agree that Crysis 1 beats Uncharted easily tech wise, it is still lagging behind tremendously in things like the animation department (And hardly any game competes with Uncharted there). Animations just look too stiff, but they really improved them in Crysis 2.

However, I still don't understand the "ou can build a rig for a round $500 that will blow consoles away with ease". 500$ is still 300$ over buying an Xbox. And for 300$ you can buy 5 new retail games, double that for older back catalog games, or 20-30 arcade games. That's a lot of gaming hours right there, and I actually rather have that.

The actual question is: how much better is a 200-250$ PC rig compared to consoles? Because that's the new price range. Can you even get a reasonable gaming PC for that money? Lets exclude the PC screen costs assuming that we wish to connect it to a big screen TV just like consoles.

F7U122448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

@Spydiggity reminds me of liberals, "MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT!"

holy sh*t we have a Jesus freak over here!

catguykyou2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

"i'd say i'm in disbelief at andibandit's comment...but that's par for the course for most ppl on this website. people are simply willfully ignorant. they LOVE not knowing anything. it allows them to make blind statements like that. reminds me of liberals. "UNCHARTED 3 IS THE BEST LOOKING GAME OF ALL TIME!" "MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT!" "

At first I was like "YEAH", but then I was like "WOH". Your comment is the equivalent of someone making the stand that guns don't kill people and then shooting yourself in the head.
I really thought we were past this at this point. Even most republicans agree now that man has had an impact on global warming. Almost ALL scientist agree. Really, just look at all of the Scientific journals from independent studies showing the same results. There are only a handful of studies that show otherwise and they have all been called into question.
Next you'll argue that the earth was created just over 2000 years ago, that oil wont eventually run out, and that the Jews buried dinosaur bones to test good christens beliefs.
Sorry bud, but if you don't believe that man has had an effect on global warming, you are in the minority, no matter what Fox news tells you.

geth1gh2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )


I'm just referring to the pc parts that are enroute via newegg for me atm :D

i7 3930k system with a 3d asus 27inch monitor. Will pick up a 680 and mod a water cooler to it whenever the hell I can get my hands on one.

And as for ppl talking about pricing and being able to get more gaming out of a 360 for the price. Well then you obviously don't care about the quality and with that logic so why don't you just got get a super nintendo with every game available.

More game time for the price right?

Spydiggity2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

@catguy: "Even most republicans agree now that man has had an impact on global warming. Almost ALL scientist agree." they don't. this is just liberal propaganda. do research of your own before spouting out nonsense you got from msnbc. notice i didn't say that global warming isn't real. i didn't even say that man-made global warming isn't real. i implied that liberals will announce it emphatically without any real evidence...kinda like you're doing right now.
and no, i don't think the world is only 2000 years old. i don't understand why you people make such idiotic leaps. but i guess that's what it is to be a liberal. make assertions without proof.

@F7U: no idea why you're getting agrees when you made that idiotic assumption. i happen to be an atheist, not that that is relevant at all. what does religion have to do with anything that's being said here?

i'm surrounded by idiots.'s to be expected, i suppose.

for the record: being a conservative or a liberal has NOTHING to do with one's religious or social views. it's that kind of irrational thought that is becoming more and more typical of people in the US and abroad (but especially in the US).

humbleopinion2448d ago


As much as I do care about quality, there is a certain level where you are getting to a point of diminishing returns.
I mean, I can always ask you how come you're not investing in a quad-card setup and connect it to a 4K 65" TV which sells for arounf 80,000$...

So while NES games obviously don't make the cut (and infact I think that they will actually cost you more now), Xbox 360 and PS3 games mostly offer identical content to their PC counterparts, while the games are selling at around the same price and even you couldn't come up with a 200$ PC setup that can provide an alternative.

There are only a handful of games that actually make use of the PC hardware - barely any games on the PC even bother with higher quality textures (Skyrim, Crysis 2, Battlefield 3 and Rage are a very few counter examples).
Most of the PC games just offer higher resolution and higher AA+AF, but for the most part this doesn't matter when you're sitting even 12 ft away from your 55" TV.
If you actually want to notice the differences, the alternative is to sit extremely close to your small PC monitor (even the big ones are usually not over 27") - which is just an inferior experience to sitting on a sofa with a proper surround sound system calibrated for the living room.

The PC can also output higher FPS count on most games which is one of the biggest pluses, but the lack of proper VSYNC on most PC games just negates this huge advantage because unstable framerate is a big detractor (if you REALLY care about the quality at least).

geth1gh2447d ago

I get it, if your poo... have a low income you stick to consoles.

Not hating, that's why I am finally getting into pc gaming just within the past year of my life. Been consoles since a toddler. But if you do have the money to invest, go for it.

geth1gh2447d ago

Also let me counter all the points you just made...

First off, high res textures. Thats what the modding community is for and one of my favorite features of having a pc.

Second, Vsync issues. gtx 680 pretty much fixes this.

Third, surround sound. Surround sound headphones are where its at. I prefer to wear my triton ax pros over using my surround sound any day.

And being a foot away from my 27inch true 120hz led 3d monitor is more than adequate to see the vast difference.

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JsonHenry2448d ago

I hope he is not referring to the PS4/new Xbox when he says that. I'm hoping at least one of them will be bleeding edge in terms of tech. :/

dark-hollow2448d ago

It doesn't make a difference.
PC's are always ahead of consoles.

MoFo11112448d ago

Pretty much
The difference is like night and day

KING852448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

I'd have to agree because although next gen consoles will we be an improvement, there is already tech out there at this moment and in the further that will be further advanced than tech of consoles. Unfortunately as consoles come into market, they are already considered old tech. I love playing my PS3 and 360, but playing battlefield 3 on a PC is miles ahead of playing it on consoles.

BrutallyBlunt2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

The PC is always ahead but only on a technical level. It's like giving a 12 year old unlimited colors to use for his painting while a true artist can create something magical with just a black marker.

This is why console gaming is actually hindering PC gaming, it's where the marketing is and because of that it's also the platform many well known game developers flock to.

Fishy Fingers2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

True bleeding edge tech comes at a huge premium, console hardware will always be at least 12 months behind that of a PC, purely because it has to be financially viable for the manufacturer.

A consoles advantage is that due to its unified hardware, it gets fully optimised unlike PC so doesn't require that bleeding edge tech to give impressive results.

LightofDarkness2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

That's true to a degree. Console hardware is usually a generation or two behind in terms of raw horsepower, but they often have concessions made for future-proofing. Like the 360 with its unified RAM and the Cell with its unorthodox stream processing capabilities. These features, coupled with the optimizations afforded by a uniform architecture, can be exploited to allow for eye-candy and features that would otherwise be unachievable on PC equivalent hardware.

One often finds that new consoles are roughly capable of matching or exceeding the best of what mid to high-end PC hardware can achieve at the time of release. More importantly, this is all done at a fraction of the cost (usually about 50% - 66% cheaper) if all components were to be bought new.

Of course, this all changes about 6 months to one year later as PC hardware ceaselessly marches onward.

I have a feeling that the next-gen consoles won't be as bleeding edge as everyone hopes. I also think they'll be adopting a number of consumer-unfriendly "features" and securities that may usher in what one might consider a "dark-age" of gaming. I don't know why, I just feel like that's where it's all heading.

Gran Touring2448d ago

well yeah. It wouldn't matter if the new PS4 or Xbox had today's latest video card from Nvidia or AMD, or the latest processor from Intel, because it'll only take a few months until the next benchmark is available, but only for the PC.

But that's not what's important, since when it comes to consoles, optimization is what will make newer games look better and run faster. In 2006 could anyone fathom graphics the likes of BF3 or Uncharted 3 on console? We would have likely claimed the PC as the only platform capable of such (which we did) But look where we are now.

But I hope Crytek gets their act together with the next Crysis, because Crysis 2 was abysmal. They know why, and I can only hope they won't sell themselves short again in an attempt to make an extra dollar; which in the case of Crysis 2, backfired anyway.

DA_SHREDDER2448d ago

Their name suits them well. Cry tech, lol. Go cry in a corner

h311rais3r2448d ago

I think you need to cry because you're going back to school because you can't read. It's Crytek. Not crytech.

jp_footy22448d ago

The best way to judge a platform is by the games available.

fluffydelusions2448d ago

"The best way to judge a platform is by the games available that appeal to you."


Baka-akaB2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Precisely , and that's one of the only few factor at play here .

Who cares besides tech junkies if the pc is more powerful ? Either you care enough about the still console based games or not to get a console .

I hear someone already murmuring "emulation" . it does indeed exist , but is only usually a factor many years after a console's "real shelf life" .

It's a plus , but it's hardly that smart to gloat about playing Valkyria Profile 2 in 1920 and more , after 6 years , and still some minor bugs (Black/Purple vertical lines popping up and distorted cutscenes ) , depending upon your hardware and the version of the emu .

Voxelman2447d ago

Yup and PC has the most games

Blitz0012448d ago

Well, then don't publish your stuff on consoles and we'll see how much money you guys gonna earn. :)

ninjahunter2448d ago

They sold just as many copies of the original crysis on pc as they did of crysis 2 on any platform. Mind you that all digital PC sales yield twice the profit.

They made enough money to make crysis 2 off of the original crysis, so im gonna say they make plenty just off the PC market.

Blitz0012447d ago

Then they should just stick to it. :)

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