Kuma Presents: Why I Am Still Playing DC Universe Online?

Kuma Wrote: Greetings everyone this is Kuma and I was asked a while ago to do a post about why I continue to play DC Universe online. I was stuck with wanting to say more than just, “It is freaking awesome!” and thanks to Vernon Hodge for giving me the inspiration to elaborate more on my answer. I never really thoroughly thought it out before especially playing for over a year with my comrade Mech and newcomer Jay Ar fighting the good fight against Brainiac and other evil doers advancing his plans for Earth domination. I take this time to welcome you to the Kuma Kreations Entertainment’s “Thought Lounge” on DC Universe Online and why I still dig it.

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Stansolo2451d ago

I love DCU online its well good. I just wish I understood the game a bit, I'm a bit of a newbie to it.

SavageKuma2450d ago

All good can always join me and my crew on PSN to learn a few things.

Stansolo2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Thanks for that.
BURSTNOVA, that's my hero name, I'm online when I can get on. What with my family its a
By the way I'm proberly the oldest hero on DCU.