Happy 16th anniversary, Resident Evil and BioHazard

GMA Network writes: When the original Resident Evil/ BioHazard hit the Sony Playstation, it became a certified hit for Capcom. Japanese video game designer Shinji Mikami pioneered the creation of a game that would live to see several sequels and spin-offs made, which more or less kept the fire alive for the series and its fans. With Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City out in stores now and the imminent release of Resident Evil 6 later this year, 2012 certainly is a big year for Capcom’s survival horror franchise. However, the month of March also marks another milestone for RE, as it celebrates its 16th anniversary this year!

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Pozzle2445d ago

Stuff like this makes me feel so old. lol

I remember playing the first RE game a couple of years after it was released. I think I was only six or seven at the time...needless to say, my mom wasn't very happy when she found out what types of games I was playing. :D

dennett3162445d ago

I loooooove old school Resident fact, just finished playing through Chris' story on the PSN version, getting the "What a tough guy" case completely closed ending that I never got before.
Forget dreck like Operation Raccoon City, old scholl Resident Evil is the best.