This Is The Tekken X Street Fighter Character Select Screen If Fans Had Their Way

DJP's Dan:

"With Street Fighter X Tekken finally complete and in stores now, surely that means development on Namco's attempt at the crossover is now underway Currently, heading to a special app on the Tekken Facebook page lets you vote for characters from both the Tekken and Street Fighter series that you'd like to see appear in Tekken X Street Fighter. Voting then lets you see the results so far so we figured we throw together a quick mockup of how the character select screen would look if the game was based solely on the vote."

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fei-hung2449d ago

I think the list is a bit of a fail. For Street Fighter and Tekken, they should put up the longest standing characters 1st as they were probably one of the reasons why the franchise is what it is today.

No Forest or Martial Law? No Paul? These 2 are the Ryu and Ken of the Tekken series!

specialguest2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Now that would be an interesting match. A match to decide who's the real Bruce Lee.

AntsPai2449d ago

That's a pretty terrible list, don't know what 'fans' would be having their way here.